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Arvind Kejriwal : The Trendsetter


kejriAdmired for his unnerving wits, his tactful leadership qualities which many politicians so woefully lack, and adored for his honesty, benevolence and ‘simple outlook’, Arvind Kejriwal surely seem to have occupied a secure place in the hearts of millions of people. Kejriwal’s AAP can be regarded as the greatest highlights of 2013, as in the beginning of the year nobody could have ever  imagined that a party which was born out of an anti-corruption movement would have achieved such great heights in such a short span of time. Kejriwal’s phenomenal debut and AAP’S transformational rise can be attributed to the party’s honest policies and it’s unconditional appeal to the common man or ‘aam aadmi ‘ of India. Mr. Kejriwal’s triumph over the three time Chief Minister Shiela Dixit is truly commendable as AAP’s stunning show has halted the 15 year old rule of Congress.

Arvind Kejriwal a former IITian and IRS officer is truly a trendsetter in many ways. Be it Kejriwal’s unconventional and innovative strategies to bridge the gap between the ‘aam aadmi’ and ‘amir aadmi’  or his efforts to replace traditional politics with moral, ethical and modern politics, all his inventive strategies and policies seems to be refreshing and beneficiary, especially at a time when the country is infected by the cancer of corruption. He has not only pledged to cleanse the ‘dirty politics’ of Delhi by uprooting corruption from its grass root level, but  has  also adopted concrete strategies to end the malicious practice of bribery which is the root cause of corruption. Also, never before has any political party even thought of making a household item a symbol for their party, but again it is Kejriwal’s AAP which has proved that it is an edge over other parties, since a ‘straw broom’ is the party’s iconic symbol that alludes to AAP’s promise to cleanse the gutters of Delhi’s corruption. When Kejriwal was facing the tough decision of whether to form or not form a minority government with the Congress , he took the advice of the common man of Delhi, instead of taking decisions inside close doors, thus keeping his promise to include the poor and the working class in the decision making process.

Also, Kejriwal endeavours to revolutionize politics by banishing the VIP culture as he feels it strips the ‘common man’ of their dignity and honour by meting out special treatment to the ministers and officials of the Delhi government. Kejriwal’s humility and simplicity is reflected in his decision of not accepting any special security, even after being sworn in as the Chief minister of Delhi. Also, he has advised his party members to not become arrogant or conceited as Kejriwal claims that their motive is not to become ministers or big shot politicians but to serve people and work as ‘sevaks’.


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