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Arvind Kejriwal: If he can do it, so can we


delhi_assemblyjpgBy Sweta

It still seems like a dream, a long dream straight out of the Hollywood movie Inception, where the dreamer has the ability and liberty to design the plot of his dream and sleep tight to ‘live his dream’. Actually its difficult to gulp in the win of an Aam Aadmi in a political system guided by power and narrow self interests. Today every ‘Mango Man’ is looking for a promising leadership which can extract himself from the vicious cycle of communalism,  casteism, regionalism and corruption. So finally …the wait is over! Here comes ‘’the Nayak’’ of our capital city- Delhi, to save us from innumerable Amrish Puris! ( no offences to the actor! )

Within minutes of swearing in for the post of CM, the situation seemed to be straight out of some bollywood flick where the CM is busy in the fast track meetings ; mango people including the street children faxing the CM for their basic rights ; DU’s professor complaining about the illegal practices of distributing M.Phil degrees; Auto unions asking for the CNG price hike and continuous meeting taking place outside his Kaushambi residence! The files are being destroyed, IAS officers are being transferred … wow! Power packed performance…more to go CM Saab.

What was only a civil society group a year ago has taken up the mantle of the governance! India’s politics known for its gerontocracy has welcomed a lean political party where the average age of the politician is 40 yrs! Its not only the win of this political party but the win of millions of aspirations to breathe in fresh air of clean political system. AAP has given Birth to Hope. Mr. Kejriwal has surely chosen the most difficult path to transform the dirty political system into ‘Golden Sparrow’ again within the span of Five years. This reminds me of the beautiful lines written by Robert Frost:

Two roads diverged in a wood

And I chose the one less travelled by

And that has made all the Difference !

The path is surely difficult with heavy burden of expectations aroused by millions of pledges ranging from free water to cheaper electricity to more accountable, transparent and people driven political system. But even if AAP manages to deliver even on a few issues, it will prove its worth to the millions, and some they have already started with.

With the semi final assembly elections over, the focus has shifted to the big battle of Lok Sabha elections ‘the fight for center’. 2013 saw the full fledged use of E-technology with NaMo using you tube to grab the youth eyeballs. But the Delhi win must have shaken his confidence. Clearly! Mango people have chosen their ‘nayak’. People have surely moved to non-congress and non-BJP alternative. It sure is the time for all the political parties to wake up and pull up their socks to win the battle against a young, promising, confident political party.

Also its time for Delhiwalas to get along and song to the tune of UMEED WALI DHOOP…


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