October 14: It has become common to blame celebrities for their privilege. Despite the hard work that people in showbiz put in, they are envied and blamed for being born into affluent families. However, it is only once in a while that we come across people who didn’t have any influence to back them, and they made it big only because of their talent and commitment. One such success story is of artist Rubeena Siddiqui. The only thing that Rubeena has inherited is her spectacular looks, and the rest results from her persistence and self-improvement.

It is commendable to see Rubeena come so far, despite being born and raised in a village. Although in her village, girls are married off, even before they hit 18, she has worked on her acting, singing & dancing passion and reached 424k followers on Instagram. Over 1.4 million people admire her skills on MX Takatak, and she serves as an inspiration for all of them. Rubeena is a firm believer in the value of striving hard to achieve your dreams despite any hurdles that may come in the way. “I had no other option. I could bury my dreams just like the other girls from our village or stand up for myself and carve my path”, said Rubeena when we asked her about her journey. Her Instagram bio also bears testimony to her attitude of never quitting. It reads Multiple failures from the stairway to success.

It has been only nine months since 1st Jan 2021 when Rubeena made her social media debut, but she already has over 4 lakh followers. Rubeena is grateful to god to have helped her come so far. Her debut on Instagram was with a veiled pic. Her popularity grew by leaps and bounds when she revealed her face a few days after her debut. As a result, her first video was a grand success with over 1 million views. All the other videos that she posted became viral as well. Social media was unfamiliar territory for Rubeena when she started, but her husband, Faizal Siddiqui, played an essential role in shaping her success. “It would have been impossible for me to come so far if I didn’t have the unending support from my husband, best friend, and guide”, said Rubeena.

Rubeena also performed a lead role in the music video of the song “Kamaal Kare tu” on YouTube. The song was a great success and quickly hit 1 million views. Fans are in awe of her enticing looks and acting skills. Rubeena has bagged many brand promotion opportunities in the past and has a thriving acting and modelling career. She is passionate about singing, dancing, and content creation, which helped her perform to meet the expectations of her fans. Fans shower unlimited love on Instagram, and MX-Takatak and Rubeena says that this love is her main motivation.

Rubeena recalls how her singing and dancing skills were applauded ever since she was a child. From family gatherings to school functions, she received appreciation and accolades for her performance. She now works day and night to create good content and impress the audience with her versatility. She also creates style, beauty, makeup, and fashion videos.

We hope Rubeena achieves unending success in her future.



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