New Delhi (India), November 25: It is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet someone who is multi-talented and multi-faceted. Meet artist Means Malhotra Pahuja from the National Capital of Delhi, who is a fashion blogger, model, actress, stylist, fitness enthusiast, jewellery designer, professional hotelier, and much more. At a very young age,   Means has been to many places across the globe on her travel journey and is familiar with many foreign languages including French, German etc.

Born in a humble family in Delhi, Means Malhotra completed her schooling at DPS Mathur Road school. Her fascination for sparkling diamonds motivated her to study jewellery design at JDTI. Since her childhood days, Means had a dream to become a successful diamond jewellery designer, but she knew the knack of business will come only through professional learning. So, she got herself enrolled in the diploma of business administration course at the Latrobe University in   Melbourne, Australia.

After returning from Melbourne, Means Malhotra took up a few print advertisements for fitness equipment, noted designers and well-known jewellery companies. It was a time when Means was offered casting roles in the daily soaps, but she was not keen on settling in Mumbai as her family is living in Delhi. As it is said, everything has a purpose, Means was invited as jury member at many events.

At present, Means is the Managing Director (MD) of Grand Affairs Hospitality Private Limited, which is into the hotel and banquet business and helps her husband.

A social animal by heart, Means Malhotra is active in many kitty parties and non-government organizations (NGOs). A foodie, Means is a food and travel blogger and has gained enormous popularity through her blogs on social media and grabbed headlines in the newspapers and magazines like the Delhi Times, Zoom Delhi, Page3now, PKG, Party Whirl, Navdrishti times, Delhi Chilli, Delhi Times Night Life etc.

“I am always curious about the world and always aware of how much I still have to learn!” Means Malhotra said of her multi-talented personality. The day I stop being curious about anything is a day I don’t want to see because I’ll either be a know-it-all and completely deluded or on my deathbed!

Means believe that learning new skills helps a person to grow, develop the knowledge base and gain improvement for becoming a better human being. Learning something new is the success mantra, which lets the person find different opportunities and the chance to try a new experience that might be the best one he or she has ever tried.

Means Malhotra’s ideas are relevant in today’s competitive environment, where there is an urgent need to step outside of one’s comfort zone to improve one’s skills and knowledge, as well as deepen one’s understanding and perception of the areas in which one is lacking.

“If you want to thrive, you need to become life long learner, consistently upskilling and learning new skills,” says Means.


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