For you and me, the Nick-Priyanka or the Harry-Meghan wedding might’ve been a fairytale come true but for the many racist and stereotypical folks out there, Nick and Harry probably deserved an award each for marrying a dusky woman instead of a white one.

Strange? Let me decode the complexity and absurdness of this statement for you.

Recently, a Pakistani musician and comedian, Taimoor Salahuddin, more popularly known as Mooroo by his followers, got married to the love of his life in a beautiful wedding set in Lahore.

But what caught the attention of his fans was neither the beautiful place he got married in, nor the fact that how happy he was on his special day, they were apparently all praise for the celebrity because he married a dark-skinned woman instead of bringing home a ‘Gori Dulhan’.

Yes, that’s the legit term one of his fans ( @_ayyyyyyymeee_used to describe his bride in the tweet she posted, where she was busy applauding and praising the star for something as basic and normal as marrying someone he truly loved.

Why? Because she was dusky and didn’t match the society’s definition of a perfect bride.

The celebrity’s wife, Eruj Hadi is a successful art director based in Pakistan, whose works of art speak for the gorgeous woman she is, inside-out. Having worked with esteemed movie productions and media houses, Eruj has a dynamic work experience to her credit. Her dope Instagram feed and witty captions not only hint at her savage persona but also says a lot about just the woman she is – talented, strong and unstoppable.

Being so much and more, Eruj still became a victim of racism. Even though the duo work as equals in the entertainment industry, it took no more than 10 seconds for someone to point out that Eruj was “lucky” to have someone who loved her despite her dark complexion.

I mean, seriously? Is this still the 21st century? Are we really appreciating and applauding men for marrying dusky woman they are in love with? That’s probably the last thing this patriarchal set-up needs from us.

And if that’s even 1 percent true, then I’m not sure if I want to be a part of this toxic environment anymore or not.

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Netizens’ Reactions

Although the tweet seemed pretty relevant on the behalf of this fan, given the fact that her Twitter bio reads, ‘Nafrat hai mohabbat se’ but I want to ask what in the world is wrong with the large number of women who retweeted her post and then of course, applauded the star for the generosity and kindness he bestowed upon his lady-love by marrying her despite her skin tone.

After ‘sometime’ she will bloom like a flower? What is wrong with her right now, miss? I can’t even. SMH.

I think you could’ve done a lot better if you’d educated yourself, sir.

To be honest, the women who retweeted this post are not to be blamed alone. The patriarchal setup is such that no matter how much we try to become woke, its many disturbing norms somehow continue to make women feel inferior and under-confident. They still feel a man is doing a huge favor on a woman if he simply agrees to marry her despite her color, caste or creed.

But what still gives me hope is the fact that times are changing, slowly but steadily. Even though there were a large number of people in support of the tweet, they were also an equal number of people condemning the racist tone of it.

Somebody has truly said, ‘there’s light at the end of every dark tunnel’ and I genuinely hope that one day, awareness and education will become the tools that shall finally destroy the darkness of patriarchy and give birth to a new morn.

Until then ladies, we can cherish these lines from my favorite song in the world, ‘I Am Woman’ by Helen Reddy.

“I am woman, hear me roar
In numbers too big to ignore
And I know too much to go back an’ pretend
‘Cause I’ve heard it all before
And I’ve been down there on the floor
No one’s ever gonna keep me down again”

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