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Are Today’s Teachers Really Doing Enough For Their Students?


5th September is Teacher’s Day.

I know this might be a weird start to a blog, what with it being a fact, but I want to place special emphasis on this day and what all it represents.

This one day, in the whole year stands for more than just a half day for students and a day for teachers to dress up in fancy outfits and collect cards, bouquets and gifts from students.

Teacher’s day is the day to acknowledge all the hard work and effort that these educators put in, neglecting themselves and their own lives, in order to make sure that their students get the best education possible.

And in turn, become responsible and productive citizens of the world, who would change it for the better.

There is a big reason why teaching is considered to be one of the noblest professions since ancient times.

Teachers are also put at the same pedestal as that of God by some cultures across the world.


But one has to wonder, that despite teaching being such a revered profession, it is also the most neglected one, especially in India.

Teachers are with each passing day, more and more concerned with completing the syllabus and making sure that the student gets top marks, instead of focusing on a holistic development.

In most of the schools, teachers have only few duties, that is, teach the chapter of the day, give homework, collect last day’s work and proceed with any assignment if necessary.

But beyond that, only a very few teachers try to go, and if any do try and change the teaching method, then they are either reprimanded or replaced.

Sure, one could give the example of the Super 30 teacher Anand Kumar, who has single handedly prepared underprivileged students for IIT and his success rate has till yet been unmatched.


He is a fine example of what could happen if teachers took the effort to care about their students and how they developed instead of just finishing the year’s syllabus.

I am not saying that all teachers are such, and all do not care of their students, but a large majority does seem extremely indifferent to their students.

This has also been established through many studies and experiments, that students with teachers who do not interact with them and/or do not encourage them to do more, have a higher rate of not developing to their full capabilities.

So teachers, signing off I’d just say, and this is sort of a plea from a former student, to all teachers, veterans and newbies, to just look at more than just the marks of the students. Interact with them, encourage them and try to take the extra step and actually look at the students.

I  understand it might not always be possible to give adequate amount of attention to each child, in that case, one can try to involve all students in activities which open them up or guide them in the direction where they could hone their talents.

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