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Are Cyrus Mistry And Arnab Goswami Planning Something Big?



So, now that you all have opened the link and have started reading this article, lets get down to business.

Arnab Goswami has quit Times Now, and rumour is that he may or may not be starting off his own venture. What it is, we still don’t know.

But the news of this bird, taking flight from its home and ready to conquer and spread noise pollution in other areas, sure made us sit up and take notice.

There has been a lot of speculation and talks of why Arnab did this, was it Times Now or Arnab? Of course, in long term relationships cracks can come in between and drive the partners apart.

I’m sure we can imagine a beautiful montage of Arnab and Times Now, with proper soulful background music and black and white effect, you know, for a more intense look, since everything looks more serious and glum in black and white scheme.

arnab goswami

But putting that aside, one that made me wonder was, what exactly is Arnab going to do next?

And if he is starting his own venture, what will he do and with whom?

So of course, I had to make a listicle of this dream team that Arnab could bring together and then they will provide a lot of entertainment, urm… serious news for us:

Cyrus Mistry

To counter all the shouting, the team will need a listening board too. Mistry would be perfect for that role. And um… Mistry seems to be free these days what with him being ‘in between jobs’ at the moment.


GD Bakshi

Arnab Goswami’s favourite army man almost definitely deserves a place on the squad of century, sorry, the imaginary squad of the century.

arnab goswami

Airtel 4G Girl

Aahhh…. the Airtel 4G girl has become one of the most well known person on the net and not necessarily for the good reasons.

I suppose she could do well in a PR cum ground staff sort of position as she is literally everywhere, north, south, remote or metro city. You name it, she will probably be there.

arnab goswami

Donald Trump

Donald Trump would of course be needed, seeing as Indians are just so in love with him right now as to actually promote him.

He will certainly make sure that everything that Arnab Goswami’s firm does gets the maximum media coverage. Or else, he is ever ready to sue anyone who says anything wrong about them.


Rahul Gandhi

And in the end, we have Rahul Gandhi, as an office boy of sorts seeing as he has no future in real politics. Every move of his has gone awry and instead of making him the new public favourite like he expected. Perhaps Rahul baba it is time you take a sabbatical and do something else.


Disclaimer: No offence meant to any of them, except a few, but this was done in harmless fun.

Image Credits: Google Images

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