Are Apple Products & Iphones Really Worth It Or Is It Just Stupid Hype For Nothing Great?

Sleepless nights, skipped meals, missed classes, broken off relationships – what just happened?

Oh, Apple just released a new phone. There couldn’t possibly be a more important event in the course of the year. Of course, an iPhone is legit stuff to die for, or so a common person would be made to believe.

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I spent a decent amount of time lying in the depths of curiosity, convoluted by the Air (pun intended) of mysterious being that an iPhone or an iAnything is. And well, I never had the guts to spend twice as much as my annual college fee on a phone, so I sought opinions from a few Apple-using friends and made some very loosely constructed observations of my own narrowed down to a smaller set of conclusions:

  1. Great camera!

I’ll not go into the details of megapixels or aperture and stuff, but when we take a picture, we always click it with X friend’s iPhone. Always.


  1. But, no expandable memory.

With limited storage space comes major insecurity, or so rule the Android users. I have a number of friends always complaining about so and so picture from a few months back that they had to transfer onto their laptops, only to create extra space on their phones…while Android users just insert a memory card.

  1. The user interface is to die for!

..So claims a friend in true Apple-enriched enthusiasm. I kind of second her, based on every game of Piano Tiles I’ve played on her iPhone 6.

  1. Bluetooth? Bluetooth in Apple devices?

After ages of Bluetooth-drought, Apple devices finally got it, but to no avail. Why can’t Bluetooth work between an Apple device and one of another breed?

  1. The looks of perfection, but…

When we talk praises of the looks, please note that we’re talking about the shape of iPhone 5S and of prior iPhones. The 5S is beautiful! If I had one, I’d only keep looking at it.


The iPhone 6 and 6S, apart from all the glory of the rose/champagne gold, are shaped just like…Samsung. Or as some accuse, they don’t “feel like iPhones”.

  1. BRB talking to Siri, my friend.

“Siri is overrated,” rules one. The other one is offended, “Bro, have you ever talked to Siri? It’s HILARIOUS!” It indeed is.


  1. Also, a lot of other fancy things I don’t understand – iCloud, Nightshift screen, Airdrop et al, but my friends insist they’re great.
  2. Discovered a fortune, anyone?

Four hundred words later, I still can’t get my mind off how expensive every single Apple product is. And it sells – smart marketing, maybe. Still, equally good, if not better, features come in devices priced many thousands lower.

Sigh, I think I’ll end up buying a Micromax or a Motorola, again.

ALSO, please to watch this. Everything falls into context with the the iPhone 5 SE parody.

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