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Choose An Off Beat Career For Your Wacky Personality


Engineering or medical?

These two are the only options people consider while choosing a career path. Broaden your horizons, my friends.

Today I bring you these off beat courses which I bet most of you haven’t heard about and those who are past the point of choosing one will be really jealous of the various options available for today’s students.

Given that you know your true calling otherwise everything it is a moo’s point.

Being a Graduate Tailor

You are not creative but you are very much interested in the cuts and stitches of the garment then this course may suit you, scratch that it will perfectly fit you. Bachelor of Fashion Technology where you will learn about how a garment is made.


Flavour Creator

This paste isn’t good it says lime but there isn’t no lime flavour! How many of you have wondered if paste, chewing gum could come in more variety of flavours? What if you can create any flavour of paste you want? By being a flavour chemist.


Ethical Hacking

Your friend didn’t think it was funny when you hacked her id and sent random messages to strangers. You have this burning desire to pry into people’s lives but with no malicious intentions. It is just your guilty pleasure. Isn’t it better to legalise your skills to be safe?


The Puppeteer

You are a creative fellow who was always interested in shadows and puppets. Simple and beautiful. You derive happiness when you manage to bring a smile on a child’s space. Then being a graduate in puppetry suits you the best.


Chai per charcha

Chai. You cannot start your day without it. You tongue is so fine-tuned with tea leaves that you can identify the leaves of one plant from the other. Tasting tea for a living? Isn’t that a dream come true?



This one is for the nomad souls who want to explore the wildlife. Those who are more comfortable in the lap of Mother Nature than in a concrete jungle. Bachelors in Wildlife Sciences.



Technically gerontology is the study of aging and older adults and the psychological, social and biological aspects related to it. Hey don’t judge. Aging comes with a lot of psychological changes and sometimes frustration. A diploma in this field is only for those who are sensitive and understand how the social dynamics of our society work.


Alcohol Makers

Not all of us are interested in chugging from a keg. Some are intrigued by how is it made and ensuring that the best quality is made for the mankind. Now don’t go forcing your friend to join it just to have the best alcohol.


So what did you choose?

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