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Antilla Becomes 12th Costliest Building In The World


High-rise, suave, beautifully designed buildings are no less than masterpieces. They take time to be made and in the process become more expensive than Koh-i-noor. With ‘Antilla’ (something neither Mumbai nor India is proud of) entering the list of costliest buildings of the world, we bring to you top 12 costliest buildings in the world and why they are so highly priced.


  1. Masjid-al-Haram, Mecca, Saudi Arabia

The ‘Kaaba’ as it is popularly known is the sacred mosque and pilgrimage site for Muslims. The cost of ‘maintenance’ is more than 100 billion dollars. Guess, God needs to pleased at any cost!



  1. Abraj-al-Bait, Mecca

The building costs whooping 15 billion dollars and is the most luxurious hotel for pilgrims in Mecca. Also called the Royal Clock Tower the building is controversial since it was built after demolishing a citadel of the Ottomans and that didn’t sit well with half the world.


  1. Tokamak Reactor, France

Inspired by Soviet scientists, French built this reactor at the cost of 14 billion dollars and have successfully used it to generate electro-magnetic energy and power devices eco-friendlily.



  1. Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

And Asians enter the list! The Sands costed Singapore 8 billion dollars and is totally worth the cost! It’s the world’s largest casino. Along with the casino, Sands has three, 51 storeyed hotels with everything one can dream about!


  1. Resort World Sentosa, Singapore

Sentosa is 7 hotels standing together magnificently. It opened with four hotels and 3 hotels were later added to it. At the time of its opening in 2010, Sentosa was third most expensively built building in the world.


  1. Australian Parliament, Canberra, Australia

Now we can say that income tax does go in luxuries of the politicians. Built at the cost of 1 billion dollars, Australian Parliament is nothing less than a luxury hotel. It took 61 years to make this building. (that hard!) The parliament has 4700 rooms and houses offices of all ministers in power.



  1. The Cosmopolitan, Las Vegas

The building is synonymous with Vegas strip. Cosmopolitan is the most visited casino/club in Vegas. Inaugurated in 2010, Cosmopolitan costs 3.90 billion dollars and earns almost double of 3.90 billion dollars every year.


  1. Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi

It has its own private beach, 85 hectare garden, lawns, 114 domes and 394 suites. A luxury hotel showcasing Arabian culture and their hospitality, and it costs just 3 billion dollars.


  1. One World Trade Centre, USA

In New York made after the destruction of Trade Centres in 2001, One World Trade Centre made American government 3.80 billion dollars poor. It has 71 floors and is the tallest skyscraper in United States right now.


  1. Wynn Resort, Vegas

Another Vegas casino that serves to its customers luxury-on-a-platter. It’s the second most expensive resort in Las Vegas and is built at the cost of 2.70 billion dollars.

wynn 2


  1. Venetian Macau, Macau

Yes, we’ve all heard the name numerous times and are quite familiar with the opulence this Venice has to offer. A marvellous blend of local tradition with Venetian custom just at 2.70 billion dollars!


  1. Antilla, Mumbai

Deemed as the second most expensive property to live in after Buckingham Palace, Antilla is owned by Mukesh Ambani who apparently lives here sometimes!

Antilla is named after the mystical island in Atlantic Sea and trust me, there is enough mystery surrounding this building too.



Like for starters, why did the Ambani’s built a high-rise, this high in the middle of a residential area of South Mumbai.

Two, If they could spend 76 lakhs on constructing this concrete monster they probably should have hired an architect too.

Three, why did Nita Ambani call it a summer house? Who spends so much on a house they will live in for just six months.

All things considered Antilla is not somewhere you’ll want to be. Why? Because our billionaire extraordinaire Mr. Ambani thinks that living in Antilla will bring him bad luck and his business will suffer.

Makes you wonder if they should have consulted an astrologist before wasting away 76 lakhs on just bricks and imported glass.


Antilla has its own parkings-not one but three, Jacuzzi, can survive 8 point Richter scale earthquake, swimming pools, helipads and every other luxury we need because obviously, how can we survive without a few helipads and multiple parking lots! If you think this is all there is to Antilla, sadly you’re mistaken. The Ambani’s have never spent a night in Antilla because; wait for it- ‘Antilla has no east facing windows!’ Yes, that’s the reason; makes you wonder if Antilla was ever really needed or Mukesh Ambani just had too much money and no place to store.


Antilla has been slammed for its poor architecture. Even Ratan Tata slammed Ambani’s for their lack of empathy for building a house this expensive close to slums and all things considered, Mr. Tata did have a point. Antilla is abandoned and of no use, they could have used the money to buy some decent players for Mumbai Indians- could’ve won a few IPL’s.

Irrespective of how much we despise this monstrous beast that has destroyed Mumbai’s skyline, there is no point going on a rant because Antilla is there and will always so we might as well learn to appreciate bad art now.  Here’s to hoping rich Indians not making more Antilla-like houses.

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  1. Mukesh Ambani s three children are involved in the family business in some capacity, but Ambani s succession plan for the company is unclear, according to Bloomberg. Only time will tell who will take over the $100 billion company.


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