Imagine being so well researched about vaccination side effects and not well researched enough to storm the right building.

Fire In The (Wrong) Hole

The attempted storming of the Television Centre in West London by the Anti Vaxxers was successful, but with a 100% wrong target acquired. The correct target was set eight years ago as they moved out to Broadcasting House on Portland Place. 

The current occupant of the Television Centre is now predominantly ITV to film its daytime shows such as Good Morning Britain and This Morning. Most of London-based BBC Operations have shifted to the newer location, including broadcasting. 

The BBC retained three studios on the site under its commercial for-profit Studioworks arm, which are largely rented to other broadcasters and provide the permanent base for many of ITV’s shows.


A video shared online showed a mob—protesting against vaccine passports and vaccines for children—attempting to enter the complex in White City. The footage showed dozens of demonstrators gathering at nearby Shepherds Bush Green before rushing onto the building. Post that, the crowd was seen outside Television Centre, where it was met by a heavy police presence.

Protesters began to shout “shame on you, shame on you” with one accusing the corporation of “not giving out the right information” while “Loose Women” was being aired. Thankfully, there were no disruptions to the show.

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The Loose Women co-host Charlene White thanked the security team who kept protesters out of the studio, “Not sure what protesters were hoping to achieve, but all they would’ve found was me, Jane, Nadia and Penny on Loose Women talking about the menopause.”

A few protestors ran into small scuffles with the Metropolitan Police officers guarding the door, while others tried to separate and calm them down. This was not the first time BBC journalists were verbally and physically attacked, as there were protests by the anti-lockdown factions targeting Downing Street earlier this year. 

Police reinforcements and helicopters were deployed to the scene to prevent the escalation of the protests, although a smaller group of demonstrators did later march to Broadcasting House in central London.

Pictures Of Shenanigans

Officers negotiating a truce
Fight or flight mode
Protestors confident that they stormed the right building
Police officers stop protesters from accessing Studioworks during the demonstration

Image Sources: Google Images

Sources: Washington Post, The Guardian, Deadline

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