How to Annoy Your Parents

By Rhea Yadav


If there is one thing which we all do on a daily basis, it is annoying the dudes who share our DNA.

Yes, our parents.

And since you read the title and also cared to open the link, your identity as a sneaky little trouble maker has now been revealed. But worry you shall not, this article does not intend to rat you out like your badass sibling. It only aims to provide further fodder to the already present evil deeds waiting to be implemented in your devilish mind.

So I presume you’re bored. Very bored.  And you’ve run out of ways to kill time. You’re too tired of being good and using your time productively. So be bad when you’re bored. And what better way than to annoy your parents!


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Here’s 13 ways in which you can do that:

1)      Follow your parents around everywhere in the house. (this will double up as a workout for you!)

2)      Moo or meow or bark (or do whatever you think the fox says) when they say your name.

3)      Pretend you have amnesia (this will also let you out of the chores your mom forces upon you)

4)      Say everything backwards. Even better if you sing backwards (simultaneously sharpen your mind!)

5)      Say that wearing clothes is against your religion (possibly dangerous if winters are not your thing)

6)      Go into their room at 4 AM and shout “Good morning sunshine!” (if you have the kind of parents who are up by then, start discussing Rahul Gandhi’s interview with them)

7)      Snort loudly like a pig when you laugh. Then laugh harder at your snorting. (if you already snort when you laugh, well, never mind)

8)      Pluck your parent’s hair out and yell “DNA!” (and get it checked, you might just be adopted)

9)      Talk to a pen (Ex: O you write so nicely! O yes, yes you do)

10)  Switch the light button on and off for a while and go on till someone doesn’t ask you to stop. (and then say “NOW I get it!”)

11)  Eat your hair (in case of consequent health issues, too bad)

12)  At EVERYTHING they say, yell “LIAR!” (and don’t forget to dodge when they slap you after a while)

13)  Read this list again and advise it to all your friends and ensure an annoyed parent kingdom around.

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