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Anil Agrawala’s Pariksha Manthan launches YouTube channel for e-classes


With digital learning becoming the need of the hour during the pandemic in such a way Priksha Manthan has launched official YouTube channels to provide a Digital learning platform for UPSC aspirants and for all others who’ve been preparing for competitive examinations.

Speaking at the launch of the channel the director of Pariksha Manthan Anil Agrawal said that our team is going to provide unique contents for UPSC examination through online classes so that the aspirants from all corner of India could study with the easiest way.

“Unprecedented times require unprecedented measures. So, despite all odds, our educators have been working hard to find innovative solutions to make learning better and accessible to all,” he said. The YouTube channel for Pariksha Manthan has been named ‘Pariksha Manthan Official’.

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