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Ambrxse is a talented artist who has a knack to develop multifaceted sounds


Innovating the music by crafting a new sound isn’t for everyone, it needs a lot of dedication, hard work, and talent. Albert Ambrose, who goes by his artistic name Ambrxse, is a songwriter and artist with a rich musical background aiming to do just that.

Although the bilingual artist is originally from Florida, his Peruvian and English origins run deep. Ambrxse has hunger, dedication, and passion for introducing new sounds to the Dance and Pop worlds. His most recent undertaking is a completely new genre called NUWAV, and it aims to provide the listeners with high energy sonics.

At an early age, Ambrxse learned to play multiple instruments like violin, piano, and guitar. His interest in music and singing inspired him to develop a band after high school. After several national tours and appearances on television networks such as MTV, the band dissolved. The band’s fallout took a toll, but like all great artists, he made something beautiful from the tough experience — setting off on his own, developing new sounds, and becoming Ambrxse.

Ambrxse describes his music as “Avant-garde music with energetic tones spanning a wide range of different emotions”. When asked what the goal of NUWAV is, the genre that he’s developing, Ambrxse said, “we’re making music that makes people move, feel, dance this world is looking for high-energy, they want to feel something big.”

The forthcoming genre, NUWAV, is to be the pioneer of modern sounds and music styles. This genre is planned to roll out in the mainstream American market by 2022. The genre, NUWAV pulls influences from Urban, Trap, and Electronic. However, its true difference lies in its high BPM tempos mixed with ambient and melodic vocals.

Ambrxse is also collaborating with Maesic, a producer well-suited to compliment Ambrxse’s musical style and talent. The Franco-English producer, possess a deep understanding of EDM, especially the innovation occurring on the European scene. With the broad melodic vision of Ambrxse and the production expertise of Maesic, the duo is positioned to make a tremendous impact.

Every new sound that is developed by Ambrxse is filled with ambition and dedication, that’s what sets him apart and makes him an ideal candidate to undertake such a large project that is to develop new sounds. With his upcoming modern sounds, he is going to be the pioneer of modern music style.

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