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Dinahlilia Mourise – An Inspiration for Young Generation


Dinahlilia is a Canadian Catholic, born in Montreal. Dinah shortly left Cairo at the age of three-years old and has an Egyptian regal foundation. Mourise has the heredity and eugenics of [Nazli Sabry], the First Queen Consortin the Kingdom of Egypt, from 1919 to 1936. Dinah spent many years contemplating and working in Cairo. In 2001, she completed her Bachelors in Biological Literature from the American University of Cairo. Following two years of tried out post-advanced education,she prepared launching at the University of Medicine, in Cairo. She was designated as the Chair of Clinical Medicine at the Port Said Military Hospital in Cairo. She left Cairo after the 2011’s Revolution, and proceeded to obtain a Ph.D. in Political Science from the University of Hertfordshire, in England.

Dinah believes that crimes are the main issues that prevails in the world and the general disposal of wrongdoings, would improve each nation’s expectations for comfort in this world.

Mourise is the Vice President of OEIS Protection, capping 49% of shares. Her affection and commitment to making Canada a protected destination to live, propelled her to dispatch OEIS Protection. Its establishment was laid in 2001. As a capable, educated and steadfast resident of the nation, Dinah started wiping out conspiracy by addressing corporate level violations, extortion examinations,stock valuation and formally dressed safety officers.

Dinah expressed, “conspiracy and crimes are progressively expecting another stature, an obligation too large for others alone to bear. If people are not ready to relinquish their customary range of familiarity on the side of the public authority to kill wrongdoing and control crimes, it’s just a short time before wrongdoing burns-through everybody. A wrongdoing free society is our aggregate obligation.”

The goal of Dinah’s organization is to provide protection and safety to prominent characters. Notwithstanding, her organization, likewise, prepares individuals in the Niagara Region to seek positions in the security area and increase society’s value.

Opposing Child Trafficking

Dinah displays multipotentiality in all periods of her life. Aside from being a visionary and providing protection and safety to Canada’s VIP’s, she brings issues to light about youngsters dealing. She established the framework of Lilia Redemption Foundation, a Canadian Non-benefit Association. Her Association’s vision is to ‘’salvage the misused and oppressed kids, reestablish the manhandled, ensure the powerless, engage poor people, and be a voice for the individuals who can’t support themselves.’’ Through her Association, she plans to help the people in question and salvage the ones barriered. Her Associationhas extended to and is effectively helping different Associations in noteworthy nations like the USA, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Egypt and Africa.

Her schooling and introduction to the world have changed her into an insightful individual driven by the soul of making the world wrongdoing free.

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