December 21: Luxury Fashion Designer & Stylist Jay R Thakkar has opened up the floodgate of conversations and thunderous applause for his contribution to the fashion industry. To pin a comment like this is no exaggeration! He loves fashion and Indian culture. He loves what happens when the two are blended. Stemming from this idea, he designed Indian ethnic outfits and exclusive Shawls. He has made his mark in the world of fashion with his dogged determination, swirls of ideas and entrepreneurial spirit.

The crowning achievement of his fashion career came with the Mid-Day International Iconic Designer Award 2021 and Best Fashion Stylist at the Top 25 India Fame Awards 2021. Jay is the trendsetter for the next generation of creative minds, and his best work has always resulted in unprecedented waves of emotions and epiphanies. He is here to influence the fashion industry through his fine designs and become the powerhouse of culturally-rich fashion all across the globe.

The path-breaking designer is known for his work, which is infused with luxury. He stripes away the candy-cane basics and takes the customers to the world of luxurious designs. Designs that make the happy moments in the big-fat Indian weddings, family portraits and Garba events.

He rolls up his sleeves and presents to you a kaleidoscope of ideas through his fashion sense. He has drawn his fashion ideas through his rich Indian tradition, culture and is here to make a difference in the world of fashion.

Jay R Thakkar’s barometer of success is the faces of his clients eloquent with happiness. He has successfully made his mark in scores of wardrobes. Meeting clients through appointments only, Jay Thakkar can be reached through his Instagram account 


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