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All That Glitters is Not Gold: A Shandaar Review


What do you expect from a movie which has the Haider superstar “Shahid Kapoor“, the Highway beauty “Alia Bhatt” and the queen director “Vikas Bhal“?

Fun for sure, lasting impact of course and a story, like obviously?

Shandaar is a fun-fun and more fun movie, it has so much fun that they themselves forgot to write a story.


The movie starts with a animation about an orphan kid who is adopted by Richie rich “Bipin” (Pankaj Kapoor), but like all orphan movies the mom and the grandmom don’t like the orphan kid but here the kid is no emotional sweetheart either, her head is full of all the evil schemes that she can use to kill them both.

Story Ideation:

The story focuses on the high and mighty families who rent big castles for weddings and give away their daughters to random strangers for money. Though a hilarious idea it gets boring after half an hour into the movie. The movie feels as if a camera was placed on random corners of the castle and people were just recorded doing random things and then later combined, added songs and made into a movie.

Yes! It’s that pointless.


The idea of insomnia was very clever but wasn’t really explored and shown in the character. Because if you don’t sleep at all you surely must do, more exciting things than jumping in a waterfall or talking to frogs.

Animation Animation Everywhere Not A Single Thought To Think:

The movie has too much animation, from the shiny golden limo’s to Pankaj Kapoor’s youthful love story that ends in a pregnancy; everything is animated.

The funniest animation is of the scene when both the families get high on weed brownies and mushrooms and then Alia is shown flying in space.

She is shown walking on the curvature of the earth and eating stars and dancing with aliens.

This is the point where you feel may be this movie is for kids but then again Weed brownies!!!


Weird Song Entries:

The funniest part of the movie is that one song that they didn’t broadcast all over TV and YouTube. It takes place on the sangeet night where there is a full Qawali setting and boy-girl challenge is going on. As soon as the girl’s team starts winning, the groom starts insulting the bride because she is fat, but no the back dancers still dance and all this is in tune and rhyme.

And then instead of coming and punching this stupid groom, Pankaj Kapoor also comes and starts defending his daughter ONCE AGAIN in rhyme and with back dancers.

I mean WhhhhAttt why sing about women Empowerment and not punch this boy?

Money Vs Character:

The amount of money that Dharma production has spent on getting big trees with lighting would have been better utilized if they had a script.

The cameo of Karan Johar is so uncalled for that watching the Coffee with Karan featuring the dulhan on the set make you want to shout and scream.


Dark Humor:

I have no idea if this was supposed to be like scream queen’s dark humor but a 4-5 year old kid burning his Dadi alive using a bow and arrow is not something that you see in everyday Bollywood movies.

She was all evil and bitchy but you still can’t burn her.

Costume Design:

Another downfall of the movie is Alia Bhat’s bad wardrobe. On your sister’s wedding when everybody is glammed up like Diwali you don’t go wearing a black crop top, a plain cream saree and thermocol like things in her hair.

We clearly expect so much more from her and her fashion sense.


The highlight of the ending is the bride stripping down to her underwear to declare it to the “Eight and a half pack wala groom” that it’s her body and she will keep it the way she wants.


All I can say is that the movie is really fun, but you have to shut your brains and logic to enjoy it.

Shahid Kapoor is of course all hot in his tight-tight shirts and beautiful smiles.

Alia Bhat looks cute.

Pankaj Kapoor is my favorite, and is surely someone for whom you should watch this movie because he is adorable.

But besides the songs that we have been following for this long there is not much in the movie.


So watch this movie if you are a die-hard Shahid Kapoor Fan, because then you’ll surely like it.

Otherwise a NO-NO.

I would give this movie a rating of 2/5 Stars.

Nishita Karun
Nishita Karun
Love to talk love to traveller poems stories all I can babble. Student at Nift read my articles to know more.



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