Alia Bhatt prefers to be stupid than act intelligent!

alia_bhattBy Jahnavi Patel

It takes a lot of courage to laugh at yourself especially when you are a famous celebrity and the whole world is chuckling on your jokes!

The latest celebrity to join the list is Alia Bhatt. Her jokes are trending on all social networking websites and people are having a good laugh at it.

When quizzed Alia about her reaction to these one-liners, she confesses, “There are these jokes on social sites on me because I am apparently stupid. But these jokes are very hilarious actually.” On being asked about her favorite joke amongst the huge lot she said that her favorite was the one where she is asked the first name of Modi and she says Ab Ki Baar.

She further added, “I am the first person to laugh at myself and I rather be stupid than pretend to be intelligent.”

Well, this girl seems to be one sport who has the audacity to laugh out loud at her own jokes. That’s the way to go girl!

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