The coronavirus pandemic has revealed real-life superheroes to us in the form of the medical staff and professionals.

These people have put their own life and health in danger, stayed away from their families and put up with many other complicated issues all in order to serve and attend to the patients who needed them.

They’ve put up with gruelling work hours, no or very little PPE (personal protective equipment), bad salaries, threatened or actually being thrown out of their homes because of undue fear and more.

But still, they went ahead with working day and night to make sure people recovered from this infectious disease which has no real cure till yet.

Now AirAsia India has decided to give back in some small way to these doctors by offering almost free of cost seats on their domestic flights.

What Is AirAsia Offering?

AirAsia India, the national sector of the Malaysian airline has come out with something called the RedPass initiative.

Ankur Garg, the AirAsia India Chief Commercial Officer explained this initiative as, “As a mark of respect to our doctors and in recognition of the admirable values they have displayed through the last few months, we at AirAsia India wanted to express our gratitude for their tireless efforts in keeping the nation safe and healthy.” 

Under this initiative, AirAsia India will be giving away 50,000 seats on any domestic flight without charging any base fare to doctors.

As a gesture of gratitude towards their service during this time of pandemic, the doctors can book a seat at any one domestic flight of their choosing without having to pay any base fare.

The airline did clarify though that other charges like airport fees, standard taxes and such will still apply and the traveller will have to pay for those.

These doctors can contact the airline for any domestic trip between July 1, 2020, to September 30, 2020, to avail this offer.

The doctors will have to submit identification information like their ID or registration number, chosen sector and date of travel and contact details to avail for the RedPass.

Applications for this pass must be sent by 12th June 2020. The doctors will be chosen by the airline and informed via their email by 20th June.

Along with the seat, doctors will also be allowed priority boarding at the airport. The RedPass will be valid for a one-way domestic flight for the doctors who are selected by the airline.

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Is This Helpful?

In some ways, this can be extremely helpful to doctors and really benefit their financial condition.

The base fare of any airline takes up a big chunk of the ticket price, so taking that away really lowers down the stress of having to spend Rs. 5-10,000, depending on the destination, on a single ticket.

So doctors who want to now get back to their families and hometowns can easily do so without spending a lot of money.

On the other hand, the small duration of the pass along with it only being one-way kind of puts a damper on any real privilege.

Even still, this is a good gesture that can really help the medical staff of the country who deserve nothing less.

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Sources: Firstpost, Hindustan Times, Business Standard

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