Even as the whole country watches with curiosity what is going to happen in the Aryan Khan drugs case, there are Indian parents worried about the world waiting outside for their children! It is natural to be interested in learning more about how to keep children away from the menace of drugs, especially since it is so easily available in the surroundings. Even though the police and other agencies are busy fighting the drug cartels and their hold on the society, it is ultimately the responsibility of parents to ensure that children are kept safe from its death-hold. Kids photographer Saurabh Panjwani is one such worried man because he thinks, with the drug menace catching hold of youngsters so easily, it is high time that adults sit with their children and explain to them what drugs are, what these are used for and how these are harmful or illegal.

Saurabh, who has worked with kids a lot, in the field of photography, is not just a very popular photographer of kids but also someone who understands their psyche, having worked so closely with them for years. That is why he couldn’t resist sharing a few pointers to keep children safe from the world of drugs – 

  • Importance – Talking to children about drugs is important for their growth. It is essential for adults to explain to children clearly what drugs are, what their function is and why these are harmful or illegal.
  • Right Age – It is also important to talk to kids about drugs at an early, but receptive age. You cannot make them understand this menace if they are too young and you also cannot wait till they are too old. Primary school is the right age to talk to children about drugs, or by the time they are eight.
  • All About Drugs – You need to explain to them what drugs are. You could take help of YouTube videos, charts, pictures to show them the function of drugs and also help them identify which drugs are illegal and harmful. 
  • Facts – Doing drugs is not a fun activity so don’t exaggerate its procedure of use. Children might take it otherwise. Stick to the facts and also don’t create a bogeyman or over-exaggerate its harms.
  • Age-appropriate – You will need to select age-appropriate information to share with your child.
  • Effect of drugs – You will have a good chance of discouraging your child from seeking out drugs when he is out with friends if you explain to him clearly and in good measure the ill-effects of drugs on our mind and body.
  • Give it time – Children have limited knowledge of the big, bad world out there, least of all about the menace of drugs. Therefore, they take time to understand why it is harmful for us. Therefore, keep it a continuous process of sharing information with them. After the first few attempts, they will be on board with you.

Besides following these 7 talking points with your children, you must take into account that children would also be told about drugs at school. So, try to learn what your child already knows and help him clear any misconceptions for the future.

According to Saurabh, it is the collective responsibility of the society to ensure the safety of kids against drugs and as parents, we are at the centre of it.



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