When Abdul Hafiz Ali Sutacio, a Spanish Filipino travel blogger launched his previous blog TravelwithHafiz.com, he was known for his unique approach to travel blogging.

It was a success story, and people began to recognize his content on Instagram and his website.

Unfortunately, his old website was not renewed due to some issues when he was in India. He lost all of his files without back up.

He travelled to India, making a journey from Mumbai to Rajasthan fearlessly on a budget in 2018. After one year, he relentlessly sought an opportunity to launch a new blog TheFoeignSickTraveler.com.

“I think the most important thing there is I learn a lot during those experiences I had in India. It was not a perfect trip, but India is a country where travellers would always want to visit, at least once in a lifetime. I am not new to writing, I have been doing this since I was in the primary school”.

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His new travel blog is like a book where you can get inspired by real-life experiences, in addition to guidance, tips, and culture focused articles.

He gave up his career in forensics and acquired lessons in filmmaking and video editing. He is currently writing a book, but it will take time to be completed.

He says, “Travel blogs and vlogs are becoming saturated nowadays, but what is lacking on this content is the story that we can give to the readers and viewers. My content has a journalistic approach that encapsulates emotions, new people that inspire people, unique food and captivating places on this planet.”

Here’s looking forward to more captivating travel content that will fuel our wanderlust

Image Credits: Google Images

Sources: The Foreign Sick Traveller, Travel with Hafiz, Instagram

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