North Korea has been dealing with several rumours about the health of its leader, Kim Jong-un for quite some time now. People and media have been speculating at the conspicuous absence of the North Korean ruler ever since he did not show up for the celebration of his grandfather, Kim Il-sung’s birthday that was held on 15th April. 

It is supposed to be an extremely important day for the people and the government of North Korea. Furthermore, the fact that he has not made a public appearance since 11th April has only added fuel to unconfirmed media reports that talk about a heart surgery, complications with it, and even possible passing away of the ruler. 

Officials from Seoul in South Korea and Beijing in China have thwarted these rumours though and said that Kim is not in any danger and is in perfect health. 

Where Did The Rumours Start?

Apart from his absence from the public, a Seoul-based online publication run by North Korean defectors called, Daily NK, had posted that the North Korean ruler was recovering after having undergone a “cardiovascular procedure” earlier in the month. 

Their post claimed that an unidentified source in NK had actually revealed that Kim who is reportedly 36 years old required an urgent treatment due to his heavy smoking, fatigue and obesity. 

These are all claims made by the publication which only got heavier after CNN had reported that an anonymous US official had stated that according to intelligence given to Washington, Kim was in “grave danger” after his surgery. 

The state media of North Korea also ran several reports about the work done or statements given by Kim but none of them had any pictures of the leader along with them. 

In a recent report by Reuters, it has been said that on Thursday a team of doctors from China have made a trip to North Korea to advice Kim on some medical matters. 

It has not been confirmed what those medical matters are or whether they directly relate to Kim Jong-un or not, but as per the report, the delegation of doctors was led by a senior member of the Chinese Communist Party’s International Liaison Department.

But now reports have come out where South Korean and Chinese officials have stated that there is no sign of unusual activity in North Korea and believe that the North Korean leader will be making a public appearance soon. 

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Will His Sister Take Over The As Dictator Of North Korea?

Several reports have come up on who will succeed Kim Jong-un and many seem to be looking towards his younger sister Kim Yo Jong. 

Although not much is known about her, here are a few trivia bytes that have been reported on who this woman is that is being touted as becoming the first female dictator of the world. 


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Sources: The Guardian, Financial Times, Times Of India

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