The world is in a whirlwind with news of animal cruelty flooding the Internet every day. But beneath the surface of hate spreading, there are tons of good acts that people do to protect animals and their habitats. Unfortunately, mainstream media doesn’t cover all of this that much.

Electricity is something that we all are so dependent on. Can we humans give up on something so important so that the animals can live at peace?

Sounds impossible, but some people do believe in giving back to nature.

The Village That Stayed In The Dark For A Bird

In Potthakudi, a village in the Shivaganga district of Tamil Nadu, people kept their street lights off for over 35 days so a bird could lay her eggs and hatch them in peace.

Karuppu Raja, a resident of the village who is also in charge of operating street lights, saw an Indian Robbin building her nest in the switchboard that connects 35 streetlights of his village.

During the lockdown, he noticed that a bird was making its nest and would fly away when he turned on the lights. In a couple of days, the bird laid its eggs. To protect them from getting electrocuted, he decided to keep the lights off.

He forwarded a message in his Whatsapp group to convince people to keep the streetlights off until the bird hatches its eggs. 

The students took the responsibility to go door-to-door to convince people and also campaigned for the same on social media. 

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Most villagers thought of this as an opportunity to give back to mother nature and agreed. But, some people thought this was an extreme step for a little bird,” said Karuppu Raja.

With some convincing, a total of 100 families agreed to keep the lights off until the bird leaves the switchboard.

When this matter reached the village panchayat, one of the panchayat head said-

“During the lockdown, I saw many people suffering on the streets without a place to stay. I did not want to give the bird the same situation and agreed to cut the power line.”

For over a month, the villagers have been using mobile phones and flashlights to travel on the road. The eggs have hatched, and the lights will be turned on as soon as the birds leave the board.

The willingness of villagers to give up on street lights for 35 days is a remarkable display of humanity.

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Source: The Better India, News 18, The Second Angle

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