The coronavirus pandemic has hit the country hard and the extended lockdown is not exactly being easy on the people and authorities. 

While the government, state and central along with our brave medical staff, sanitation employees and more are constantly working to make sure our lives don’t descend into chaos, there is still a long way to go here. 

The countrywide lockdown is said to end on May 3rd but even that is subject to change considering what the situation is then and whether there is enough of a control on the crisis by then or not. 

However, even though I’ve painted a pretty bleak picture here, it is not as bad as it all sounds. Recovery rate is still increasing, vaccines are being introduced or at least work has started on them. But the biggest positive out of this lockdown has been how it has so beautifully affected the environment and animals around us. 

With pollution going down quite a bit, the skies are clear, some birds and animals that had previously migrated elsewhere are coming back to their states, the rivers are clean and the air is breathable. 

Here are some pictures that perfectly capture how the quarantine time has changed some parts of India for the better:

1. Clean Roads That Are Traffic Free

Credits: Manjunath Kiran/AFP





2. Animals Roaming Freely

3. Sparkling Yamuna

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4. Flamingos In Navi Mumbai 

5. Himalayan Mountain Range Seen From Punjab

Credits: Manu Mehta Twitter

6. India Gate Smog Cleared Out

7. Peacocks In Mumbai

Credits: Manav Manglani


Credits: Manav Manglani

8. Blue Skies

If nothing else, the lockdown has at the very least been good to our environment and animals who can finally breathe easy without humans polluting everything.

Image Credits: Google Images

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