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A newly-released book in 2021 to help readers achieve the mindfulness they need


Simon Timm, a meditation teacher and former monk, has announced the release of his debut book, An Introduction to the Self Salutation: How to Resolve Negative Emotions Through Mindfulness Meditation. After sixteen years as a monk, Timm recognized that although meditation could help him lift above a negative emotion momentarily, he needed something more if he wanted to truly resolve such feelings. He explored several different modalities of personal transformation before creating his own meditation process, which he named The Self Salutation. 

Instead of providing temporary solutions for rising above mental suffering, An Introduction to the Self Salutation shows readers how to use the power of meditation to resolve negativity and thereby enter a natural state of mindfulness.. This refreshing meditation series relies upon simple incremental lessons that address the root causes of harmful thoughts, not merely the symptoms. Timm encourages readers to surface negativity, heal the wounds within themselves, and thereby become a source of harmony in the world. 

The Self Salutation is a process for learning how to greet and appreciate yourself in a new way. By relating to your core self without the inhibitions of negative emotions, Timm asserts that even those with the most tumultuous pasts can find strength, agency, and mindfulness. The name of the practice draws from the popular yoga practice, the Sun Salutation, which is a series of stretches that help to bring your body into a state of balance. In the same way that the Sun Salutation represents the essence of yoga, Timm says that the meditations in the Self Salutation represent the essence of mindfulness. 

In An Introduction to the Self Salutation, Timm also draws upon his own experiences in a relatable, genuine way. By sharing the story of what he calls his “life’s greatest failure”, Timm offers as a real-life example of how to shift from pursuing the temporary tranquillity of meditation to achieving deep and lasting peace.

Individuals from any background can benefit from learning how to overcome negative emotions, regardless of whether such feelings are related to compulsive behaviors, lack of fulfilment, or anxiety. Timm’s method teaches transformation over transcendence and acceptance over avoidance. As Carl Jung says, “Until you make the unconscious conscious it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” 

Simon Timm is a meditation teacher and author with a passion for helping others release negativity and create a life of mindful self-acceptance. He can be found online at https://selfsalutation.com/. Timm has a Master’s in Religion from Yale and lives with his spouse, Allyson, in Washington, D.C.

An Introduction to the Self Salutation: How to Resolve Negative Emotions Through Mindfulness Meditation is available for purchase at Amazon.

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