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A Day In The Life Of Hrithik Roshan’s Biggest Fan


By Vedant Kabra

‘Crazy’ is purely a relative term. What YOU find crazy, I may not, and vice versa.

Well, for starters, I’m Hrithik Roshan’s (self proclaimed) biggest fan ever. The first film I ever watched was Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai, when I was 3 years old. And it was then that my tryst with Hrithik began.


As a 3 year old, I had my own version of Sitaaron Ki Mehfil, and would dance to Ek Pal Ka Jeena ALL day long. As days, months and years passed, I became a teenager, and the year 2010, was a significant year, for me. When it comes to Hrithik that is.

My madness knew NO bounds I went to Mumbai, to ‘chill’ with my cousins. Chill here essentially means sitting under his apartment, waiting for Hrithik to come down, to catch a glimpse of him.

For round-about 4 hours.

For 4 days.

Out of my 6 odd days in Bombay. The security guard would keep asking me why did I come there everyday. I really didn’t have a good way of expressing my feelings.

On the first day, I bribed him with Rs. 100 and asked him to deliver a hand written letter to Hrithik, to which my cousins said, “Vada Pao rakh ke khalega”. I felt otherwise.

It was the year IIFA was hosted in Sri Lanka. I coaxed my dad into taking us there. BECAUSE HRITHIK WAS PERFORMING.

But Alas! The passes were over-priced and only when we came back did my Chachu tell me, “I was getting 2 free passes for IIFA”.

I felt bad, and cheated.  


It was that year only when Hrithik had joined Twitter. And my desperate bid to get a reply from Hrithik fetched me one, on 11.06.10, replying to the 369 odd tweets I had sent him, as I clearly remember.

Endless tweets, extremely desperate attempts to meet Hrithik, ALL went in vain.

Cut to the year 2011.

7th May, as I clearly remember – the KKR CSK Clash was hosted here, when SRK had flown Shah Rukh down. I begged in front of ALL my friends to arrange one pass for me.

And when I finally got hold of one pass, my father didn’t allow me to go all by myself.

I didn’t eat, or sleep that night.

All I knew was that I HAD to go to ITC the next morning to meet Hrithik. I printed a 3 page letter, folded my hands before the receptionist to deliver my letter to Hrithik. While I could meet him too.

As luck would have it, I didn’t meet Hrithik.

Only because all the CSK Players had left from the front door, but SRK and Hrithik and their respective families, from the back door.

However, the only good thing to happen to me that day, was that Hrithik replied to my letter.

On twitter.

Saying he shall meet me soon.


These few words were enough for me to go to Mumbai that very summer, with gifts in my hand.

An Issey Miyake for him, and a teddy for his sons. Shelling out each and every penny from my pocket money that I had saved. And again went to my MOST FAVOURITE PLACE IN BOMBAY – El Palazzo, his building.  Of course, I didn’t meet him, and came back home, dejected.

And then my friend went to Mumbai, and he got direct entry into his residence. Clicked photos with him, posted it on Facebook and tagged me. Only to jalao me.

He did call me from there, so that I could talk to Hrithik.

The entire left-part of my holidays I was so low, that I refused to attend any calls. Hence, again missing a chance to talk to Hrithik. I expressed all my feelings on twitter, to no avail.

And then, on 5th September, he replied. Teachers Day, Yes. Imparting one of the greatest teachings I’ve EVER received.

I would dance on Senorita on any and every occasion and sing ALL The Spanish lyrics perfectly, as all my friends would be able to tell you.

Cut to 2012, when he was finally coming on Live My Life, UTV Stars.

I sent in innumerable videos (6, okay.) but then I didn’t win the chance of meeting Hrithik.

I did cry in one video, I sang ‘my’ song, and danced. But but… On the bright side, I won a contest organized on Twitter.



And then, I had gone to the UK. Madame Tussauds, you’re right! The only wax statue I clicked a photo with was Hrithik’s.

My friend refused to give me the photo where I was kissing Hrithik…and his abs.

Well never mind.


PS – Watching a Hrithik Roshan film, is always a delight for all. As when Hrithik enters the frame, the first things I do is shout “HRITHIKKKKKLKKKKK! I LOVE YOUUUUUUUU!”

I did stand up and shout in the aisle during both ZNMD And Angneepath. My Chachu-Chachi vowed to never ever go for a movie with me.  I know they will. I know everyone would love to. ‘Coz that shall remain to be their craziest experience at the movies.

Coming back to the first line – If this is what you call craziness,

“Haan haan mein crazy hoon!” Kaho na, Hrithik se pyaar hai.

—- The craziest Hrithikian you shall ever come across, Vedant Kabra. 



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