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A Club In LA Only For Attractive People; Are You Hot Enough To Enter It?


Aren’t you just tired of sharing a public place with a bunch of unappealing people? You will soon find the opportunity to blend just with your own particular kind at another bar that dismisses appalling individuals.

Did that sound bizarre and pathetic? Oh, well, tragically, it’s true.

One such club is being opened by, a selective online networking stage that lone acknowledges gorgeous men and ladies. Since it propelled in 2002, it has supposedly dismissed more than 11 million individuals, with just 800,000 picking up the desired participation status.

To join the questionable (weird, rather) site, candidates need to pass a strict rating process, where current individuals vote amid a time of 48 hours, in light of submitted photos and a short bio.


Greg Hodge, overseeing chief of, says that the new club is the appearance of the site clients’ desires. “We listen to our members and they are fed up of going out to expensive bars, hoping to meet similarly beautiful people, only to spend the night wishing that the lighting was lower. “We are very excited about the opening of our flagship bar.”

Individuals from the BeautifulPeople site will clearly be given need access to the bar and tables, while non-individuals and visitors will have their “hotness” judged nearby, by a group of entryway pickers with inside learning of the measures that the site’s individuals anticipate. The extraordinary foundation will even have an occupant hair and make-up craftsman to give touch-ups to free visitors and guarantee they’re looking great.


The website of BeautifulPeople.

Fortunately, resembling a million bucks is obviously by all account, not the only approach to access this excellent individuals only dance club. Really having a million bucks can get you in also.

“Wealth is a strong factor of perceived attractiveness — especially with women,” Hodge says. “We see this mirrored through the site’s rating system where men who exude wealth and success in their images, but who may not be that attractive, are often voted in. The way we see it, money can be attractive too, so on a discretionary basis we may make exceptions for certain high net-worth individuals.”

I wish this was all a joke, a farce, but it is deeply saddening that it is not. So people will judge an individual on their looks, and only then they are allowed to stay in the club.

Doesn’t it sound like the first episode of a season of a stupid, cringeworthy show like Splitsvilla? What happened to the whole concept of equality? Now that will be denied not because of gender; NA-AAAAAAH, it will be because of your LOOKS.

Isn’t the concept of beauty a societal construct? Can anybody define beauty? What if a particular bunch of people who are asked to “judge” a person think that he/she is a wretch, but a people who couldn’t judge find them irresistibly hot?

Segregation on the basis of physical appearance is not new to this world (read: colour); discrimination because of facial features is new. If you Google “beautiful people”, out of the first ten results, just two faces are coloured. Guess there is no coming back from this world that we have created.

The new dance club is set to open in February 2017, in West Hollywood. See you there! Just kidding, you’re probably not sufficiently hot!

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