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In today’s edition of LivED It, we tackle the question that has haunted mankind for ages: does art bear semblance to reality or the other way round?

Nicolaus Copernicus, a Polish astronomer and Renaissance mathematician, was a proponent of heliocentrism – the cosmological belief that the Sun is at the centre of the Universe and that the planets revolve around it.

If the ancient theory is to be lent any form of credence, then the Earth had orbited the Sun long enough for India Art Fair and my birthday to perfectly coincide.

India Art Fair, a three-day annual event where imagination manifests itself in the form of art, served chiefly two purposes for me — one, it honoured my long-standing love for art, and two, commemorated nineteen years of my existence.

When dawn broke over the city, I blithely slid into clothing that screamed hipster and headed to NSIC Grounds, Okhla with two of my closest confidants.

After all, who would not want an artistic respite from the drab monotony of everyday living?

Source: Kohler Design

Upon reaching the venue, I was immediately greeted with an eye-catching monochromatic pattern which adorned the walls of the main exhibit. This sight was only sweetened by the lenient Sun of early Spring.

Once I set foot inside the art exposition, I was overwhelmed by the brilliant amalgamation of colours on display – each one tethering me to the roots of my inner painter.

What distinguished one work of art from another also operated as the force that bound them — uniqueness.

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If you missed out on this art retreat, worry not. Let me walk you through the journey that will quite literally add colours to your life.

This three-dimensional artwork which is as realistic as it is surreal:

This silvery delight that I wanted to bag and take home, but I sense that it precisely may have been running counter to the subtle message that was being conveyed: consumerism is evil.

I think I speak for all of us when I say that every Indian has fallen victim at least once in their life to a barrage of ‘good morning’ texts in different fonts and unrelated background scenery.

Is this trying to suggest that God is human?

This one speaks for itself –

This artwork made from ceramic vases –

This minimalistic piece looks straight outta Tumblr –

Not too far behind is this compelling artwork that throws you headfirst into an existential crisis –

This one in particular, seemingly a microcosm of the world, shines in all its intricate glory –

The intersection of geometry and fluidity –

India Art Fair, as is typical of most artistic ventures, witnessed the usual throng of silent spectators, art collectors, gallerists, critics, artists, art connoiseurs, champagne-drinking elites, and on the bourgeois contrary, broke college-goers.

It was a brainchild of artists and art-lovers alike.

It extended beyond simply being an art collective and transcended into a commentary on the underpinnings of South-Asian culture, values and tradition.

Being an advocate of artistic reform in an increasingly capitalistic society, I cannot emphasize enough that art is a mirror unto itself.

Humans have shared a symbiotic relationship with art since time immemorial. It has driven social and political change, questioned convention, and challenged accepted standards in society. One of the finest examples of this is the ‘We Can Do It!’ poster by J. Howard Miller which emerged as one of the most iconic symbols of feminism.

Source: Google Images

IAF’19 was like walking through a child’s imagination – bold and boundless. Its contemporary approach to art with its feet rooted in history was a melange of two worlds.

Take a day off for yourself and visit the 2020 edition of IAF to witness a spectacle that will leave you impressioned for life.

Whether you’re looking for inspiration or a break, art is here to save the day (and perhaps you as well.)

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