Today, Twitter or specifically the Harry Potter fandom on Twitter was in a frenzy when they saw that JK Rowling was trending. 

It turned out that a Twitter post by meme page 9GAG, was the cause of it all, when they asked users to simply type ‘JK Rowling that you’ and then just keep selecting the center word in your phone keyword until a sentence was formed. 

The Funny Responses To It

It created a flurry of funny and hilarious responses that found some pretty interesting things that JK Rowling revealed about these people.



For those who were not aware of it, the trending on Twitter came as a shock and many were scared as to what Rowling had revealed now.


While some thought as to what next Rowling was going to reveal, others made some wishes considering the recent issues being discussed in European law.

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The Reason It’s Exploding

The whole reason why this is trending is due to Rowling’s own habit of making revelations about the Harry Potter fandom and its characters that alter a lot of things about the universe. 

Over the years, ever since the last Harry Potter book and even film came, finally signalling the end of it all, JK Rowling has often been giving small tidbits into the universe and its characters. 

Her biggest revelation till date would definitely be when she declared that Dumbledore, the wise and powerful headmaster of Hogwarts and Harry’s mentor was gay. 

In 2007, during her US book tour, in reply to a question asking about Dumbledore’s true love, she said, “Dumbledore is gay,” and even touched upon his relationship with Gellert Grindelwald who would later turn to be his rival. 

Along with that was the time when she explained how wands and brooms were just a way to channel the wizard’s magic and that one did not explicitly need them to do magic. 

Then there was the time when she revealed that we have all been pronouncing Voldemort’s name wrong. 

She also explained that there was no tuition fee at Hogwarts. 

There were also a couple of strange revelations like how Hogwarts had Jewish wizards. Or how Rowling had planned to pair up Hermoine with Harry initially but went with Ron in the end. 

Or how Hermoine was not necessarily white.

The latest one that she came out with was how Grindelwald and Dumbeldore had an intense sexual relationship. 

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Sources: BBC News, Complex, Twitter

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