YouTube, which started out as a simple video sharing website has now succeeded in producing international celebrities who have gone on to impact the lives of millions.

With the inception of stand-up comedy and videos alike, many young artists received the opportunity to showcase their talent. Soon, the work of these artists went viral and was internationally recognized.

What Is YTFF?

To celebrate the work of these artists, YouTube hosts a festival annually known as the YouTube Fan Fest or YTFF. This festival attracts YouTubers from all over the world to display their talents which is not limited to just stand-up comedy.

Some of these artists are famous due to their exceptionally brilliant abilities to belt out trippy tunes and entertain the audience with their witty banter.

The fans will have an opportunity to meet their favorite YouTubers in person and experience the fun on live air.

Celebrities like Bhuvan Bham, Lilly Singh, Technical Guruji, Voice of Ritu and many more are expected to make an entrance this year. The YouTube fanfest is expected to be held on 30 March in Mumbai.

Lilly Singh at YTFF 2018

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Personalities Attending The YTFF

The sixth edition of the YouTube Fan Fest is expected to play host to a number of musicians which you definitely need to watch out for. Singh’s Unplugged is one such duo who create covers which put the actual song to shame.

Singh’s Unplugged at YTFF 2018, Bengaluru

Tanveer Singh Kohli and Garashish Singh from Singh’s Unplugged belt out powerful tracks due to which they have a massive fan following. Another group of artists to satiate our thirst for Hindi-Punjabi tracks is Sanam.

This pop-rock band is a personal favorite of Delhiites. Among these bands, solo singers like Karan Nawani, Ritu Agarwal, and the rapper, Amit Bhadana are also going to make an entrance.

Furthermore, Rishi, Mohena and Gaurav’s Rimorav Vlogs are going to host this year’s YTFF.

Details Of The YTFF

The hype for this fest is real. With all the free tickets sold out for the Bombay YouTube fan fest, this year’s event is expected to host some phenomenal performances. The fest is going to be held at the Jio Garden, located in the business district of BKC.

The schedule on the 30th is going to comprise of the following activities:

Festival Stage: 2:00- 3:00 PM

Meet & Greet: 3:00- 5:00 PM

Red Carpet: 5:00- 6:00 PM

Live Show: 6:45- 9:15 PM

The event is going to come to Delhi on the 12th of April for all the fans. The showcase held in Delhi is going to continue from 12th to 14th of April.

The line-up is sadly not going to include Superwoman, but other celebrated personalities like Aksh Baghla, Amit Bhadana, Bhuvan Bham, Be Ghent, and many more are going to be present.

The YTFF is going to travel to Hyderabad on the 19th of April as well. So, all those millennials who spend hours mindlessly browsing on YouTube, this year’s YTFF is going to be one of the best nights with all the entertainers in one place.

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Sources: YouTube, RollingStone, Insider

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