When it comes to getting on the nerves of Indians, it truly takes very little to do so. A music here, a movie there, a banner here and an artwork there.

Art for that matter has always been the sure fire way to disgruntle one group or another who would claim that it hurts their religious, cultural or any other kind of sensibilities.

M.F. Husain, one of the highest paid artists in India was one of the biggest examples of this by churning out one controversial painting after another. From depicting a naked Saraswati to a naked Durga allegedly engaging in a sexual intercourse with her lion and so much more, Husain had so many enemies that he went into self-exile in 2006 until his death. He mainly stayed in Qatar’s capital Doha and London.

However, that is not all, as over the years there have been other such controversial pieces of art that have brought the anger and irritation from various organisations.

Here are 8 pieces of controversial art that you should know about:

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Image Credits: Google Images

Design Credits: Author

Sources: Wikipedia, HuffPostThe Guardian

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