ASMR or Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response videos have gained immense popularity this last decade. The sensation (both literally and figuratively) has taken over people’s lives with its main medium being YouTube. The creators like to call themselves “ASMR-tists“. Many of them have over a million followers, with the promise of ‘tingles‘ and ‘relaxation‘ as their USP.

The ‘tingles’ can be achieved by “triggers” like whispering, different mouth sounds, tapping on objects, finger sounds, brushing, soft talking, eating and so on. Anything can be a trigger if it is used correctly.

The visual triggers include role-playing, storytelling, hauls, makeup application, object tracing, soap cutting and much more.

People also experience tingles offline as well. For example, remember the feeling when you were young and someone would comb through your hair and it would suddenly feel amazing? Or in class when someone would trace your back and write alphabets and you would feel sleepy? Yes, it is the same thing but magnified.

Although there’s no scientific evidence to it, people claim that it helps them with reducing anxiety, panic attacks, depression, insomnia etc. The claims could be accurate as the ASMR community and artists keep on growing each day.

Here are some of the ASMR-tists who are experts in giving tingles and helping you relax –

  1. Gentle Whispering ASMR

USP – Role Plays and Personal Attention

Subscriber Count – 1.8 million

Maria Viktorovna is one of the most popular artists in the ASMR community. To induce ASMR, she often plays various roles like a stylist, dentist, chef etc. She uses hand movements and her soothing voice as her USP.

She also translates and remakes her English videos in Russian so that people can feel the chills in their native language. She has a very tender and somewhat maternal vibe to her which helps people to relate.

Channel link – Gentle Whispering ASMR


USP – ASMR Mukbang and Cooking

Subscriber Count – 8.9 million

A practitioner of the sub-genre of ASMR, SAS specializes in ASMR Mukbang and is known for ‘clean eating‘ with minimum mess and whispering. With almost 882 videos, SAS has tried almost every cuisine on the planet. People often watch to learn her eating techniques.

Her sister also has a channel called N.E. Let’s Eat and they often collaborate.

Channel Link – SAS ASMR

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  1. ASMR Zeitgeist

USP – Binaural Sounds

Subscriber Count – 1.41 million

Michael Richter aka ASMR Zeitgeist is one of the most technical ASMR-tists in the community. Most of his videos consist of binaural triggers and tapping household items like soap, sponge etc.

He also collaborates with lesser-known YouTubers often on his channel.

Channel link – ASMR Zeitgeist

  1. Gibi ASMR

USP – Role Play

Subscriber Count – 2.4 million

Gibi is an expert in various role-plays as well as cosplays. She has cosplayed characters like Bakagou, Raven, Team Rocket, Ninjas, Elves, Aliens to name a few. She is known for simulating her voice for every character, adapting each role she plays and her swift finger fluttering.

Channel LinkGibi ASMR

  1. ASMR Darling

USP – Everything

Subscriber Count – 2.4 million

Taylor is one of the youngest yet one of the most versatile creators on YouTube.

As her channel says, her main triggers are “Ear to Ear Whisper, Tapping, Scratching, Affirmations, Compliments, Role play, Hair Play, Hair Brushing, Personal Attention, Close up, Words, Face touching, Camera touching, Microphone brushing.”

She is also the first ASMR-tist with whom a famous international brand like LUSH collaborated to promote their products.

Channel Link – ASMR Darling

  1. WhispersRed ASMR

USP – Layered Sounds and Personal Attention

Subscriber Count – 854K

With slow movements and whispers, Emma aka WhispersRed ASMR is one of the OG and most loved creators of the community.

Her motherly vibe, as well as relaxing role-plays, sets her apart from the crowd. Like Maria (Gentle Whispering), her naturally soothing voice is one of her main ‘weapons’.

Channel Link – WhispersRed ASMR

  1. Southern Sounds ASMR

USP – Organisation

Subscriber Count – 241K

Although she started the channel 5 years ago, Southern Sounds ASMR got popular recently thanks to her shelf organising videos.

She walks into departmental stores like Walmart and Dollartree and organises the shelves in a very satisfying manner while speaking softly with a Southern country accent.

Her shelf organising videos are extremely addictive and help relieve OCD.

Besides these, she has role-played as various characters.

Channel Link – Southern ASMR Sounds

These people are only a fraction of the now humongous ASMR community. Although often deemed as “sexual” and “cringeworthy”, the ASMR community’s popularity keeps on growing.

W Magazine uploads regular “Celebrity ASMR” videos with various celebrities. Cardi B, Gal Gadot, Paris Hilton, Gigi Hadid and many more have tried their hand at ASMR in those videos.

Brands like Fenty Beauty, LUSH, Em Cosmetics, IKEA are using ASMR while promoting their products. These brands use whispered makeup application, relaxing hand movements, motions that induce ASMR. LUSH even secured deals with professional ASMR creators.

ASMR community is said to be one of the ‘healthiest’ communities on YouTube without any ‘drama‘ or ‘tea‘.

May the ASMR community will stay this way and helps people with stress and anxiety.

Sources – Vox, Think with Google

Image Sources – Google Images

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