6 Airplane Hacks That Will Give You A Better Experience Without Paying A Butt Load Of Money

Travelling though plenty enjoyable comes with its own quota of problems and issues. The biggest one being the excessive spending one has to do right from booking the ticket to getting accommodation. And of course, after reaching your destination the obvious touristy stuff will also take money.

But, not to lose heart, there are a number of airline hacks and tips that one can use in order to get the best airplane experience without having to spend a bucket load of money:

1. The Cabin Crew Is Your God/New Best Friend:

Believe you me, nothing good ever comes from acting shitty with the people who serve you.

All it does is just ensure that there will be spit in your food or drink.

But if you truly want a good airplane experience, then you’d better start treating the cabin crew as your God or your new best friend.

Chat up with them (without being creepy obviously), compliment them on how good of a job they are doing and you will gain a lot of perks in return.

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2. Ask For Upgrade At Check In:

Okay, this might sound a bit shameless but suppose you are travelling at an unimaginable hour and it is 14-hour flight, then doesn’t the thought of a fully reclinable seat with a blanket and everything sounds nice?

Though a very very very rare case, sometimes asking for an upgrade at the Check In desk might actually get you a seat in the coveted business or even first class.

3. Use Travel Apps:

Not to sound clichéd but these days there are a lot of travel apps that allow you to see exactly which days the ticket is going to be cheapest.

You all should use them, works great when going on a vacation and you want to save as much as you can so that you can live like kings once you get to your destination.

4. Sit Near Airport Club Lounge:

If you want free Wi-Fi then sitting outside or near the airport club lounge is a good way to get it.

Many of these lounges have free Wi-Fi and sitting in close proximity to them can allow you to avail the luxury too.

5. Golf Balls And Slipper Socks:

Stuck in economy? Envious of all the luxurious things that people in the first and business class are getting?

Well, all might not be as dull as it seems for you.

Bring a golf ball with you and keep it under your feet, voila an impromptu foot massage can be experienced.

Also, for long haul flights, make sure you carry slipper socks, they will not only keep your feet warm in the cold air of the airplane but also keep your feet comfortable and give you a sense of luxury.

6. Sweatshirt or Shawl Are A Must:

Speaking of slipper socks, always keep in mind that planes get extremely cold. So first try to wear something covering and second make sure you pack a light sweatshirt, sweater or shawl.

Personally, I’d say pick the shawl since you can also convert it into a makeshift blanket and get a little comfortable for the journey.

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