10 Craziest Reasons for Filling a Divorce

As most of the dictionaries put it ‘divorce’ means to separate or dissociate something or someone from something or someone else, typically with an undesirable effect.

However, the aptest definition of ‘divorce’ is given by the Urban Dictionary stating that divorce is “an event that has become very common in today’s society and it affects the children more than the adults and generally causes the parents to tell their children that they are still friends.”

Divorce is a serious and pertinent issue, at the moment. But isn’t life too serious for serious issues? Of course, it is. Hence, following is the list of bizarre reasons ‘justifying’ the split of married couples.

1. Because he doesn’t like ‘Frozen’ The Movie – Divorce Filed…

Woman divorces husband because he’s just not into ‘Frozen’. Frozen is one of my favourite Disney movies too. And I would also judge someone who would dislike it.

But separate from my partner because he does not like Frozen? Hmm. That is obsession being taken to a different level.

2. Oh ‘Pea’lease! Because he did not know how to eat peas…

A newly wed Kuwait woman decided to file a divorce because her husband did not know how to eat peas. She could not stand her husband’s method of eating peas with a slice of bread rather than a fork. She said seeing him do this was a “shocking sight”.

Oh yeah, now blame the plate of peas for your divorce, folks!

3. And yet again! Because of food…

The pea incident is not the first weird food-related grounds for divorce in the last few years.

In a 2012 article on England’s fault-based divorce system, the New York Times shed light on a family court case where a man claimed he was divorcing his wife because she had “maliciously and repeatedly” served him his least favourite meal, tuna casserole.

Sacch mein pati ke dil ka raste uske paet se hota hai.

4. Keep quiet! Because he talks too much…

Remember how in an uninteresting class we kept talking to our friends in spite of our teachers using this phrase so many times? Ever thought talking too much could land you up in a divorce?

Well yes, a Nigerian woman decided to file a divorce because her husband talked too much. *Hoping my future husband is not related to her!*

5. Cats > Husband. Because she kept 550 pet cats at home…

A man from South Israel chose to separate his ways when his wife decided to pet FIVE HUNDRED AND FIFTY cats. He also said, when contacted, that the kitties blocked the way to the bathroom, crowded the kitchen and stole food from his plate.

However, the woman decided to choose the cats over her husband because, 550>1, duh!

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6. Did you change your FB status? No? I am sorry, we’re done!

An Indian woman is divorcing her husband because he neglected to change his status to married on Facebook.

She further justified her decision to file a divorce by saying that she ‘could not trust’ her husband anymore. However, the judge asked the newlyweds to undergo six-month counselling.

Now you know why we use ‘Incredible India’?

7. Nicknames augment, love or chances of divorce? Because he had nicknamed her ‘Guantanamo’…

A Saudi woman divorced her husband after 17 years of marriage when she learned of the name he was calling her.

The woman went through his cell phone one day and she looked through the contacts when she came across her number stored under the name “Guantanamo”.

Guantanamo is a military prison in the United States. The husband found this name funny, however, the wife failed to share his sense of humor.

Imagine your boyfriend saving your contact as Tihar?

8. Give time some time – really? Because of a love letter written 50 years back…

In December 2011, a 99-year-old Italian man filed a divorce after discovering a love letter his 96-year-old wife had written to her lover in the 1940s.

The breakup made the couple the world’s oldest divorcees. Even though they spent a very long time together one adolescent love letter ended it all.

9. Mama’s Boy. Because he took mummy to his honeymoon too…

Perks of being overly attached to your mother my friend is um, a divorce!

A young Italian groom was so unwilling to leave his mother’s side that he brought her on his honeymoon. His highly unimpressed bride asked for a divorce three weeks later. Hmm smart lady, ain’t she?

Well, the last point is not a reason it is just a theory founded by Philip Cohen for an increase in divorce rates.

10. Stay educated, stay married

Education is one of the biggest contributing factors to how a married couple will fare, according to blogger and demographer Philip Cohen.

Divorce is more common among those with less than a college teaching he says. People with less education tend to marry younger. And as a whole, they’re less financially stable than their married counterparts with college degrees.

Didn’t I always say education is important? So do NOT marry young or you may land up in a divorce.

Thus, for all those who had a good laugh reading this post I would advise you to not take these reasons lightly, if you know what I mean. ;)

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