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5th February: World Winger Day!



February 5? What’s so special about this day? Well, ask a football fanatic and he’ll not only answer you but will also pity you for forgetting this date. Getting curious? You better be, because it is the day on which two of the world’s greatest, trickiest, most awesome, the best footballers and you can use any superlative you want, were born. Yes, I am talking about the Portuguese Sensation: Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo and Brazilian Wonder boy, Barcelona’s Neymar Jr, who turned 30 and 23 respectively today.

Well, clearly February offers a lot more than just Valentine’s Day!

Let us now talk about the two birthday boys, firstly the boss: CR7 and then his junior: Neymar.





Goal machine-Legend-Unstoppable-Talismanic-The best EVER! These are all synonyms of one and only one person, who, I doubt is not of this planet, not even of this world: the Portuguese Captain and Real Madrid hit man: Cristiano Ronaldo.

Words fail to express how much I love him! His style, his skills, his tricks, his ‘Never say Never’ attitude are incomparable!


Ronaldo was born in the city of Funchal on the island of Madeira, Portugal. Football was all he ever wanted. His first major breakthrough came when he joined Man United after giving a match winning performance against them in Sporting Lisbon’s shirt.

It was at United he unlocked his true potential and groomed into a world class, deadly winger. His pace, agility and determination were a treat to watch. He won all 8 major trophies with United and completed the club’s tally of having world’s most prolific players as of No.7. He won the Ballon D’or for his superb performances at United.

Where do world’s best eventually go? Real Madrid of course! ($_$) Setting or Breaking records? Well, Call CR7 maybe!

While some players find life difficult at a new club, CR7, (as I mentioned earlier is out of this world) found life at Madrid even better. He has broken numerous records and has won the coveted Ballon D’Or twice as a Real Madrid player.

Even at the age of 30, he is not fading away, though most footballers tend to do so. He is already the top scorer in Spanish league with a whooping tally of 28 goals in just 18 games! Call him “old”, I dare you!! Pundits may say whatever they want but CR7 has proven that he is, was and will always be the be(a)st!!




Neymar Jr

Brazil has always been a factory for producing some of the game’s most prolific attackers notably Pele, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Kaka and now Neymar Jr. His name may contain ‘Junior’ but when it comes to talent and skills, he is the senior of almost all of world’s soccer players and that too at just a tender age of 23!




He played his first professional soccer game at an age of 17, yes you read it right- 17, when most of us were couch potatoes. In a short span only, he became his boyhood club: Santos’ star man. His dazzling skills, lightening pace, scintillating dribbles and finesse attracted interests from many European heavyweights. He fended off interests but as the world Cup came close, he finally joined, the club of his dreams: FC Barcelona.

In the World Cup, Brazilian hopes were carried by borne by holder of The Selecao’s famous No.10: Neymar Jr. “If Neymar isn’t playing well, Brazil might play well but they won’t win,” says Rai Souza Vieira de Oliveira, a former Brazil captain. “Neymar’s performances will be the deciding factor.”

Such is the level of dependence upon his tender shoulders, but he never quits and never lets his country down.




Take a bow, these wonderful and exciting players who were both born on February 5!

Love-struck by these two?? Well, then I am sure that you will now wait for this day of February instead of, you know what I mean: the 14th!




By Yash Jain





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