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5 Tips to Plan a Successful Window Replacement Project  


Windows are a particularly important part of your home. Windows and doors are your eyes to the outside world and the prism through which society views your home. As a vulnerably open part of your house, they are an integral part of the insulation of your home and a key component in maintaining its security. Imagine your home without windows for a minute. Seems more like a prison, right? 

Therefore, if you are planning a window replacement you must get it right. Here are some tips on how to replace your windows properly: 

  • Don’t Do it Yourself: Many of us love to do handiwork. Some of us are even quite good at it! While there are many jobs you can safely and successfully do on your own, installing a window is not one of them. If you lack professional experience, you may make mistakes that can compromise your family security and allow in moisture, jeopardizing the integrity of your home. A trained professional knows how to avoid these mistakes. By getting the job done correctly the first time, you will save money on the line.
  • Tailor the windows to the room: Some rooms are more private by nature. Here you may wish to install windows limiting levels of visibility from the outside. Others are suited to that wide-open feel, and here you may consider installing larger and more attractive windows. Some locations, the bathroom window, for example, are more prone to moisture and will require better installation than in other instances. Therefore, a one size fits all approach is a mistake
  • Allow natural light to do its magic: Aside from the more private rooms, you will want to let in as much light as possible. This is just as important as the aesthetics of the windows themselves. Indeed, natural sunlight is an important consideration in determining the market value of your home. One very efficient way of increasing the natural light in your house is by installing larger windows. In many cases, larger installations will require a combination window. This is a particularly popular and practical solution for your living room.
  • Consider shaped windows: Rectangular windows are the standard and seem more practical than special-shaped alternatives. However, standard windows have far less personality and may not make your house pop in the same way. A unique and aesthetically pleasing look, facilitated by a unique window shape, can lead to an improvement in your curb appeal as well.
  • Decide on the window covers type before you install the windows: You may have a specific look you prefer in terms of blinds and drapes. However, once the windows are installed, you may find that your favorite options do not suit them. By then it’s too late. By having the covers and windows planned out in advance, you can be certain that the overall look suits your needs perfectly.

The installation of windows has ramifications for the aesthetics and security of your home. Make sure to get a licensed professional to do it for you, but also make sure they install the windows you want! After all, the licensed professional won’t be living there. You and your family will.

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