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5 Reasons Why Coliving Is Most Suitable For Today’s Millennial Lifestyle


Did you know that over 20 million Indian millennials migrate domestically every year, for better higher education and career opportunities?

Apart from the key metro cities like Delhi, Bengaluru, Mumbai and Kolkata, it is the fast-growing cities like Hyderabad, Pune, Indore, Ahmedabad are attracting these young crowds, raring to live a life of their dreams.

The biggest pressure of this migration is on living facilities – there is not enough high-quality supply to fulfill the living needs of the new migrants.

Also, if people did get access to some facilities, finding those that are adaptable to their daily living needs or are designed to accommodate their requirements has typically been a challenge.

For example, a majority of youngsters migrating to Hyderabad and looking for affordable and convenient shared living options have had to depend on local, unorganized PGs, hostels and flats. But today, professional coliving and managed accommodation options are becoming popular as the new-age, upgraded avtaar for PGs in Hyderabad.

Here are a few reasons why these coliving places are the most suitable for today’s millennial lifestyle:


With people migrating for better job opportunities, moving cities and setting up new bases, owning a house has been pushed lower in the priority list. Most youngsters want to access new things and spend on experiences, instead of being tied to major financial commitments like house loans.

This has led to a rise in renting which enables you to lead an aspirational lifestyle at a fraction of the cost. But renting a flat or managing in a local PG comes with its own stress factors as people spend time, energy and money trying to access and manage daily lifestyle requirements.

If you take a place that seems to have low upfront rentals, you will often find that additional expenses to make the place liveable and manageable will add up significantly to your monthly spends.

That’s why coliving, the all-inclusive, branded living solution, is becoming popular. It factors in everything – facilities, furniture, services and utility expenses in a single rental cost and allows you to have a firm eye on monthly expenses.

Quality lifestyle: 

We’ve established how important it is for millennials to live an aspirational lifestyle, that is based on comfort and convenience.

One’s personal and professional goals today are often hinged on outsourcing management of daily household tasks to a support ecosystem so that you have time and energy to focus on other pursuits.

So, an end-to-end professional coliving solution like Stanza Living is the best option for them. From fully-furnished, well-designed, amenity-rich spaces to completely managed, hospitality-like experience covering food, wifi, laundry, housekeeping, maintenance, utility bills etc – everything is taken care of.

Flexibility of lifestyle:

Most of us aspire to live life on our own terms. But restrictive rules, inconvenient policies and unfriendly landlords are a common grouse for most of us.

Well much like they are an upgrade on other rental options, professional coliving facilities have also given a makeover to the typical landlord-tenant relationship.

From professional management and delivery of services, strong feedback systems and adaptable rules around everything (meal options, usage of services, curfews etc), they are designed to make independent living fun.

Professional operations:

Ever been in a situation where you might have been promised the moon in your rental space, but the reality is starkly different? Not anymore.

Professional coliving operators work with strong rental agreements that clearly chalk down the amenities offered and the expectations from the tenant-operator relationship. Which means, they won’t renege on this formal contract.

Also, they have very transparent and convenient processes – online payment options, formal rent receipts, structured grievance redressal system, support of trained teams, professional service offerings, well-maintained building operations – so you can enjoy a hassle-free living experience.

Community living:

Managed co-living spaces like Stanza Living, have a deep focus on community building. They are designed. to provide a community feeling, wherein like-minded people can share meals, ideas, relax, unwind, network, and grow together in a nurturing environment.

They offer a very healthy balance between private spaces and community areas so you can find a spot to suit every mood and personality.

Also, they host community gatherings and events designed to instil a feeling of belonging, meet new people and settle-in well, making your transition to a new city, much easier.

If you are also looking forward to moving into a PG in Hyderabad which doesn’t only help you save you money but also provide premium services with a warm and welcoming vibe, you should definitely check-out Stanza Living. You can visit their website, see the amenities on offer, book a visit and before you know it, you’ll be moving in!

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