Tick! Tock! While you sit there staring at the minute hand hoping for it to be faster, somehow time seems to stop. Aren’t all of us going through the same problem? Especially, the creative artist in us is bored out of their mind!

What if I told you that you can put your creative skills to use for various photography projects, right at home? Exciting, isn’t it? The only thing you require is a smartphone!

Not kidding!

I’ve put together a few ideas for creative challenges that you can do with your phone and flex your photography muscles without needing to leave your home.

A-Z Photos: A 26 Photo Project for Home

Challenge your creativity by hunting for a subject to correspond to each letter of the alphabet. Let’s say a horse galloping in a field could represent Q for quick.

In the attempt to find a series of 26 photos, you’ll be challenged. You will also work on your photographer’s eye in the process. It will take a lot of time off the clock!

Capture Water! 

Capturing water drops mid-air creates alluring photographs! The things that you need are a water container with a small hole that allows small drops to fall, a good lighting source ( natural light through a window will also do), a nondescript background, and a camera setup just right!

A simple idea but a complex process! Getting the timing, camera setting and lighting right is the trick. While shutter speed can normally only be adjusted on cameras, there are several apps that allow you to speed up or slow down the shutter speed on your smartphone.

Try Creative Composite! 

Composite images are made by combining two or more photos. These are compelling visuals and absolutely fake. Judging a “good” composite image depends on how real the image looks, while others will look intentionally surreal. If you don’t know how to make one, check out this video –

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Create Smoke Art (Using Photoshop) 

Have previously snapped smoke shots stagnating in your gallery? Let’s do a Photoshop project!

Smoke trails are an all time favourite among still-life photographers. But how about taking it to the next level? Follow these steps –

  • Once you’ve selected a few good smoke art photos, make a blank document in Photoshop.
  • Now, copy and paste one of the smoke images into it.
  • Set the blending mode to Screen and use Warp Transform to reshape it.
  • Continue the process to combine a range of smoke shots and turn it into a new image.

Refractive art

We all know that light bends when it passes through water, causing the objects behind to change appearance. This is called refraction! If we use this phenomenon in our new project, we will find ourselves with alluring opportunities to capture light.

All you need is a few glasses, a torch, a tripod and a black-and-white pattern print or any other color. You must place the pattern properly in the background with the selected glasses in front. Fill them with varying levels of water and move the pattern backwards or forwards to get different effects. Now capture the beauty!

These projects will definitely help you with learning some valuable new techniques or sharpen your creative eye to put into action when you’re finally able to get to shooting again! What are we waiting for?

Image Credits – Google Photos

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