Sherlock Holmes. Hercule Poirot. Miss Murple. How many sleepless nights have we spent soaking up these thrilling adventures? How many times have we placed ourselves inside their minds, trying to work out the mystery before them? Unfortunately, things are a tad more twisted in real life. In the world around us, crimes are more sinister and criminals, more dangerous. Don’t believe me? Go through this list of some of the most disturbing unsolved crimes around the world and get ready for them chills.

1. The Case of the Disembodied Feet

Since August 2007, five human feet have washed ashore near Vancouver. No bodies, no heads, no clothes, just feet nearly all still clad in sneakers. Canadian authorities have yet to determine how the feet ended up there or why, though DNA tests matched one of the severed feet to a man who’d been missing for several months.

Disturbing unsolved mysteries around the world

Some people speculate that the feet might be the remains of four as yet undiscovered passengers of a plane crash off the coast of the Quadra island in 2005. Thoeries of foul play are also, obviously rampant and many people in Vancouver firmly believe that it is nothing but plain murder.

2. The Women of Ciudad Juaréz

Remember the American television series, The Bridge? They used the disappearance of the girls of Juárez as part of the backdrop to a series of murders.

Disturbing unsolved mysteries around the world
In memory of the women of Ciudad Jauréz

The mystery involves the violent deaths of hundreds of women and girls since 1993 in the northern Mexican region of Ciudad Juaréz, a border town of the US along the Rio Grandé. Till date, there have been only speculations as to the cause of the homicide. After surveying 155 killings out of 340 documented between 1993 and 2003, a government committee found that roughly half were prompted by motives like robbery and gang wars, while a little more than a third involved sexual assault.

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3. The Hinterkaifeck

Andreas and Cazillia Gruber, their daughter Viktoria, and her children Cazilla and Josef, plus the housemaid, Maria, were murdered in cold blood on their Hinterkaifeck farm.

Disturbing unsolved crimes around the world
The Hinterkaifeck farm

Days before the murder, Andreas had told neighbours and friends of strange incidents: footprints leading into the house and not back, things appearing and disappearing mysteriously, weird noises in the attic. The weirdest part is probably the fact that the murderer had lived in the house for some days following the murder, fed the family’s pets and even shared their food.

4. The Mad Butcher

An as yet unidentified man murdered 13 people viciously within a span of four years. He used to decapitate his victims while they were still alive and progressively, his murders grew even more vicious and in one particular murder, he ripped out a victim’s heart.

Disturbing unsolved crimes around the world
One of the victimes of the Mad Butcher

The sheriff arrested a suspect who killed himself while in custody awaiting trial, and all official police records have vanished.

5. Bible John

In the late 1960s, three Scottish women were found strangulated with their stockings around their throats. Weirdly, all the three women were menstruating at that point of time as was evidenced bybthe tampons and pads kept beside them.

Disturbing unsolved crimes around the world
There have been speculations that Bible John was an ex-cop.

Jean Puttock, sister of the victim Helen Puttock—was able to provide the only known description of the killer after sharing a taxi with him (and her doomed sister). The man had identified himself as “John Templeton,” and had extensively quoted from the Bible, which earned him the popular nickname of Bible John. After Jean and her date exited the cab, Helen continued on with John—only to be found dead the next morning. The man disappeared without a trace.

All of the above mentioned murderers have never been identified, which means they could still be at loose. Have fun sleeping over this!

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