Travelling is always a joy, and nothing burns the heart more than watching the beautiful and scenic images from foreign countries of wide and endless fields, mountains, white beaches and more.

Most of the times, people want to travel to these exotic destinations while turning up their nose at travelling anywhere within India.

Travelling outside has always been synonymous with how well-to-do are you while those who travel within the country are considered almost at a middle-class level.

But to everyone who thinks that foreign countries have more to offer, here are 4 destinations in India that can literally beat any exotic destination out there:

1. Hallan II:

This picturesque valley about 45 km from Manali is gaining attention for being a great alternate option for Rohtang Pass.

This snowy piece of heaven has snow until at least the end July and has been worked on tirelessly by the locals to be made a better place. Although approachable, tourists will need to trek about 20 or so minutes to reach the snowline if they want to.

Also, unlike Rohtang, there are no extra charges to visit Hallan II and due to the fact that a lot of people still don’t know about the place, the roads are void of heavy traffic.

2. Gulmarg, Kashmir:

It was pretty obvious that Kashmir would be making an appearance on this list because if we want to truly beat those exotic destinations, Kashmir is our best bet.

Despite the unfortunate tension being experienced there, there is no doubt that places like Gulmarg, or the Tulip fields in Srinagar can easily beat out any foreign destination with ease.

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3. Auli, Uttarakhand:

When we say ‘skiing’ the first image that comes to mind are the Swiss Alps or Alaska for their snowy terrains.

No one really thinks of India if one wants to skii.

But Auli, is definitely a place you should not ignore if you want to ski without blowing up a fortune. A ski destination in the Chamoli district of Uttarakhand is actually one place that can easily be your summer favourite especially for all you ‘skiers’.

4. Allepey, Kerala:

Having actually been to Alleppey in Kerala, the backwaters are no joke.

The ambience, the friendly locals, the vast sea which is actually clean, unlike the Mumbai beaches which are covered with litter.

You truly feel as if you are in some exotic destination, with rustic villages on either side and you rocking in a houseboat while eating tasty seafood.

Image Credits: Google Images

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