No doubt, solar batteries are expensive and they also need to be replaced on a periodic basis. But a lot of homeowners still prefer installing them, considering the substantial benefits these batteries offer. If you, too, are planning to buy a solar panel system and are unsure of whether or not to install solar batteries with it, here are a few benefits of solar batteries that you must be aware of. Take a look.

1. It helps minimize pollution.

Installing a solar battery means that you are reducing your dependence on grid supply. This in turn means you are not consuming energy that is produced using fossil fuels and thus you are contributing to a cleaner and greener Earth as you are not adding to the carbon footprint. So, if you are one of those people who think that every little contribution matters when it comes to making Earth a more suitable place to live then you should definitely go for solar batteries.

2. It helps reduce energy energy bills

When the solar panels aren’t producing energy your home appliances can draw power both from the solar batteries and the local grid. But it is preferred that the power is drawn from the solar batteries first and then from the local grid, only once the battery has completely drained out. That’s because when you run your home appliances using the charge stored on the battery you are hardly paying anything out of your pocket as the solar batteries are charged using the solar energy that’s free of cost. Whereas if you are using the energy from your local grid, you are adding to your energy bills.

3. Is a must in areas with no grid support

Solar batteries not only help reduce dependence on the local grid but at times they become a necessity when the area doesn’t have local grid supply, or there are frequent and long power cuts in that area.  The other good thing about solar power systems with solar batteries is that they continue to power your home even during power cuts; unlike the grid-tied inverters that don’t have solar batteries to power the household during a powercut. And in case you are wondering why don’t the solar panels (in a grid-tied solar power system) power the house during a powercut; well the answer is that solar panels in a grid-tied inverter are programmed to stop producing power during a power cut. That’s because if the solar panels continue to produce power and if the surplus power goes back to the local grid, the repairmen working on the fault line are at a high risk of being electrocuted. 

4. It offers noiseless power backup

Until a few years ago, conventional generators were quite common in areas where there was either no grid support or there were long and frequent power cuts. While they did provide the required power backup, they also made a lot of noise.  But with the introduction of solar power systems with solar batteries, people are now shifting from generators to solar power systems as they do not produce any noise. So you can say, solar power systems with solar batteries not only help reduce air pollution but they also help curb sound pollution.

Tired of long and frequent power cuts?

If you are tired of those long and frequent power cuts and your normal home UPS inverter is unable to provide the required backup, we suggest that you go for a solar power system with a solar battery. And if you are unsure of where to start, we suggest you check out the wide range of solar power systems that Luminous India has to offer. They are one of the pioneers in the solar products manufacturing industry and are trusted by millions of customers across the globe.  

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