Every summer transfer window comes with a surprise of its own. An unexpected transfer featuring a high profile player might be on the cards in the 2018 summer transfer window as well and this time, we’re gonna put Harry Kane under the scanner and talk about why it’s time for him to leave Tottenham Hotspur and move on.

One of the world’s best strikers and England’s best by a mile, Harry Kane has well and truly been the standout performer for Spurs but the closest they’ve come to winning a major trophy was in 2017 when they finished 2nd in the Premier League.

But is winning major accolades the only reason that he should seek a move away from Spurs? Let’s take a look at a few major factors which strengthen the case for Harry Kane moving away from Tottenham this summer:

#1. He’s Entering His Prime Years As A Player:

Harry Kane has been the Premier League top scorer for the past 2 seasons and he’s only 24.

Yes, 24.

As for this season, he already has 30 goals in 30 appearances (21 in 23 for his Premier League tally) and it’s almost inevitable that he’ll be the top scorer in the league this season, as well. At 24 years of age and excelling in a largely attacking outfit like the Spurs, it’s Kane’s chance to shine in a club which is not only built around him but is capable of competing for trophies on a regular level.

Spending his prime years in a club like Tottenham, which hasn’t won a major trophy in almost an eternity is surely a bad professional decision, whereas he can easily be a part of a fluid attacking outfit such as Real Madrid (which he has been linked to quite often, and I don’t say this out of my love for Real Madrid) and earn better wages than he does in England to maximize his gain in these years.

Kane earns a modest £120,000 per week and a player of his caliber can easily make a case for earning more than £350,000 to £400,000 per week in a club with a better wage budget.

#2 Individual Glory:

Harry Kane broke the 7-year dominance of Cristiano Ronaldo and Leo Messi by outscoring them in 2017 as he netted 56 goals in the calendar year of 2017, outscoring the 2 football monsters by 3 & 2 goals (53 for Ronaldo and 54 for Messi).

The power shift indicates that Harry Kane’s prowess in front of goal can be a huge factor in the race for individual accolades such as the FIFA Player Of The Year, UEFA Player Of The Year and the biggest, baddest boy of them all, the Ballon d’Or.

As much as you’d like to admire a player based his skill and talent, trophies on a club and country level are the most important parameters to judge his ability

Trends have indicated that a player who is successful on a club level and wins trophies such as the domestic league title and Champions League generally has a better chance at winning the Ballon d’Or and Harry Kane has 0 trophies with Spurs as of now.

There might be a one-in-a-million chance that the Spurs win the Champions League this season but let’s be realistic, this isn’t a club which can challenge for the league title this season or perhaps even the next, with the high-flying and free-scoring Manchester City cruising to the title.

Only if City suffer a terrible run along with United and Chelsea, the Spurs can hope to emulate what Leicester City did in 2016.

#3. And Finally, Racking Up Major Trophies:

Even if Harry Kane moves to a club like Chelsea or Manchester City, he still has a 10 times better chance with them instead of Spurs to win the Premier League for 2 major reasons:

A. Spurs aren’t known to be the world’s best spenders when it comes to buying players, so don’t expect a £200 million transfer budget from them. Holding on to 2 or 3 players can’t make you win trophies (and Spurs have said it multiple times that they don’t intend to sell Kane, this summer).

B. The current Spurs roster lacks squad depth. They don’t have a decent second-choice striker to replace Kane which in turn increases the burden on him to perform well in every game and play almost every game.

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Clubs who’ve been major European forces in the last few seasons such as Real Madrid, Barcelona or Bayern Munich have one thing in common: A cohesive squad with depth, where the roster generally consists of a decent second-string side which allows key players to rest and skip relatively easy fixtures and prepare for clutch games.

Harry Kane

These 3 major factors added to the Spurs’ history of not winning a lot of trophies as well as selling their best players often make it seem like that Harry Kane’s transfer is all but final.

But will it be this summer or the next? Or will Kane prove to be an effective one-man army and lead the Spurs to glory? We shall find the answers to these questions, soon!

Till then, let’s enjoy the beautiful brand of football that “HurriKane” brings to his club and country as his reputation as England’s best striker continues to grow day by day!

Image Credits: Google Images

Sources: Sky Sports, Daily Mail, Premier League + more

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