Snapchat’s Latest Update Will Probably Make It A Must Use App

Snapchat has not had a good couple of months there, has it?

First Facebook also started applying the Snapchat method, then the whole fiasco with the alleged statement by the Snapchat CEO, Evan Spiegel, where he said that he would not want to expand his business in India or Spain due to them being poor.

This caused a massive outrage all over social media, Snapchat ratings dipped faster than anything, people were creating chaos everywhere, so much so, that the Indian audience even reached Spiegel’s fiancée Miranda Kerr.

People especially the Indian users of Snapchat were blocking and uninstalling the app faster than you could say ‘be right back’ and showing exactly how much influence this demographic has over the actual application.

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But now Snapchat is returning back to the limelight with some of the biggest updates that the app has seen till date. Making it a probability that with these updates, it will cement itself as a forever use application.

As per reports, the updates that Snapchat is set to make are extremely new, innovative and remove a few restrictions that users found irritating.

In the latest news, the app will be adding a ‘limitless’ feature where the user can send of view snaps without any time limit.

What Is This Latest Update By Snapchat?

The most impressive of these updates is the new feature of ‘limitless snaps’ which essentially allows you to view or send snaps without any time constraint on them.

You can look at them for as long as you want, and they won’t disappear until and unless you either swipe away from it or shut down the app itself.

You can use this feature by selecting the ‘infinity’ sign in the Snap photo timer and this can be used to share important information too.

The 2nd feature that is really making waves is the ‘looping videos’ which sort of works like a Boomerang wherein you can select the ‘looping’ icon on the right side of the screen and have your video be on loop.

‘Magic Eraser’ is perhaps another great update by Snapchat where you can essentially photoshop something out of the picture, without having to spend your time away on the actual software.

The ‘magic eraser’ allows you to remove a selected object from the Snapped image. To use this feature you just have to select the icon of ‘magic eraser’ and it will not only edit out the object but also blur the surrounding to make up for the empty spot.

The last feature to be added is the update of being able to use Emojis as a brush.

These updates all seem better than the other and will surely make using Snapchat an even better experience than before.

Image Credits: Google Images

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