Leap Day: Some Crazy Things You Are Allowed To Do Today

By Aastha Anupriya

It’s not every year that you wake up on the 29th of February. But when you do, you should know that Leap Day is an occasion worth commemorating. For one day, ditch the ordinary.

If you have watched or read about the Amy Adams-starrer Leap Year, you would have an idea about the levels of crazy that can be achieved – all on Leap Day. Here’s what you can indulge in:


  1. Propose to thy man!

Precisely what Leap Year was about – an American woman out to honour an Irish legend where St. Brigid struck a deal with St. Patrick so as to allow women to propose to men , even if once in four years. Go ahead ladies, you have an excuse.

  1. For once in four years, celebrate the birthday of that one friend.

We all have that one friend who has had the (mis)fortune of being born on February 29. While some of them blow the candles on February 28 in non-leap years, many religiously wait for a leap year to even receive a birthday wish. One of my friends, for example, will be wished a happy fifth birthday this year! Which brings me to…

  1. All ye 29-ers, let’s quash the myth

In Scotland, it used to be considered unlucky for someone to be born on Leap Day – just as Friday the 13th would be considered jinxed.

The Greeks considered it unlucky for couples to marry during a leap year and particularly on leap day. (What are you even waiting for?)

  1. Write to yourself

It’s a great idea to write a letter from your current self to the four years older self of yours. Open the letter the next Leap Day and look back on how you’ve grown (or on how you’re still the child trapped in an adult body).

  1. Take that “once in a leap year” household chore up

It could be anything, from moving the bookshelf to make space for one more bookshelf to going kitchenware shopping. Or anything that you really need a push to get done. Let Leap Day be the push, because the satisfaction of actually getting stuff done it totally worth it!


  1. Score a travel deal

Again, this one is exclusive to 29-ers. So if you do happen to be one of those five million Leap Day babies in this world, do look out for travel and other deals offered by companies – just for you. For. Real.

  1. Brush up your basic math

If you haven’t run away at the mention of math, let me tell you, this can be a lot of fun! All you have to do is count back leap years starting from the current year. 2016, 2012, 2008,…., minus infinity.

  1. Play leap frog.

You are a child. Period.


On the morning of February 30, we’ll be waiting for you to tell us what you had in store for Leap Day. Wait, there’s no 30th of February? Okay, March 1 then. Kbye.

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