My New Apartment: My Sunny Day

New college, new friends, maybe a new city even, but what happens when living in a hostel is not an option for seniors? How would you go about saving with your limited pocket money?

Here’s how my story began. Right after high school I had to shift away from my home town to pursue a dream course and mind you, this city was pretty far away. Never having fended for myself without family backing, I really had to count each dime before spending. First month in and I was quite happy in my little bubble of friends that consisted of hostel roomies and a handful of classmates. Ah, living in the hostel, so convenient, so ‘bath-free’!


Walking out of the room uncaring about my look, in my jammies right into the lecture hall in less than 5 minutes, was bliss! However this bliss didn’t last very long for I found out that post our first year, I’d be homeless! Apartment hunting was not on my preferred subject list…

So I caught hold of my two besties to start a house fund; Penthouse, flat, PG, whatever we may, we chalked out a plan as goes:

1. Buy a piggy bank…just kiddin’! We kept a 500$ target for each. #PinkPiggyBanksGalore

2. Every month we decided to put 10$ in that fund…so that made it 40$/month each for the next twelve months. #MathsFail

3. The round figure we found out was about 1500$ that we would save for a down payment on rent, furniture and other misc. products. #TooManyMisconceptions


Months came to pass and whilst we checked our piggy bank on the 12th month, we were broke! Oh the sweet lord, what DID we do with 1500$?! Thus we started our impending walk of shame back home, begging our parents for support.

So this was my #mysunny (a new apartment) which never happened…

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of SunTrust Bank. The opinions and text are all mine.


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