Indian art culture has been blessed with talents that are extraordinary. But how many such talents are recognised and given the right platform to showcase their mettle? Sadly, a good number of people are still struggling to find an acting gig or a directorial venture. Ziad India Entertainments was founded in 2018 to overcome this very issue and give raw talent a chance. On the occasion of the production agency turning 5 this month, here is everything about them and their vision. 

The Brainchild

Mr. Shaji A.H was fascinated by the world of cinema and after exploring it for a good period, decided to make his own contributions to filmmaking. Ms Betty Sathish Raval, a healthcare professional with strong knowledge in business and marketing joined him sooner, leading to the establishment of Ziad India Entertainments in 2018. Ever since, the duo, with their professional and talented team, has been making art cinema, with exceptional talent, who generally do not get an opportunity to showcase what they got. 

How its Going 

Ziad India does not just focus on a particular form of art. Be it performing arts, feature films, short films or audio-visual innovation, the company takes up anything that can speak a thousand words to the viewer. Ziad India, which is headquartered in Mumbai, India does not limit itself to a particular language either. Beyond regions, borders and languages, the company is here to offer excellent pieces of art. As long as there is talent and creativity, Ziad India ensures creating, producing and financing them to visual art that blows minds.

Aalankam and Many More

On of the major milestones of Ziad India Entertainments is the Malayalam feature film Aalankam. The cinema ran successfully for more than 25 days in cinema halls and in the OTT era, this is indeed a huge feat. Starring some excellent talents Malayalam cinema didn’t utilize well, the film was commercial and critical success. Ziad India has five cinemas across regions in pipeline till 2025, and are focusing on quality more than commercial aspects. Because, they believe that the current cinema goers do not want numbers, but the content to speak for itself. Ziad India will be announcing their second feature film soon!

Ziad India Entertainments with their vision to utilise raw talents is a great step towards revolutionising the industry. Beyond experience or how long a person has practiced their art, all that matters is talent; nothing else. A budding artist, filmmaker or performer will be given a chance to be in their best form, and for anyone who loves their art, what more liberating than this? And with this vision, Ziad India will soon create a parallel universe in the world of cinema, by creating exceptional content.



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