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Young Business Personality Manjeet Singh Sangha, aka Desirichkid is taking the dropshipping industry by storm


Desirichkid proves that age is just a number and people can turn successful with the right choices at the right time.

Much is already said and talked about how different people from different business industries have conquered great heights in the same and how they have gone ahead others. But, how many of the times do we hear about stories that involve teenagers as entrepreneurs and the success stories they create in a short span? Well, youngsters are what are today found in every business industry and they are the ones who are truly building the momentum in their respective fields, believe it or not. The online world has brought along innumerable work opportunities for people all around the world and this has given a new high to the world of dropshipping as well. Manjeet Singh Sangha, aka Desirichkid, is amongst these young business personalities today who is rocking this field and how.

The most interesting part about this youngster is that he is all of 17 years and still has managed to reach nearer his goals in life being in the vast entrepreneurial world. It would be hard to believe, but it is a fact that Desirichkid is a dropout and studied till his 10th grade but today owns his successful business in the dropshipping industry not only as an entrepreneur but also as a consultant.

He originally comes from India but was born in a small city near Berlin, Germany. While he was all of 13-14 years, for his quest to do something in the business world, he began with selling jewelry. However, luck did not favour him and he had to taste failure in the same, owing to his lack of experience and knowledge as well. But, as they say, “for the determined souls, nothing can ever get tough enough.” For Desirichkid as well, his determination helped him get into the dropshipping world, where he saw people prospering and thought to himself that even he could ace the game like a pro.

As he realized that the online world is the only world where he could get his freedom, hence, he began with dropshipping and initially started small. As time went by, he saw his business and small online dropshipping store growing, which later even developed into 6 other online stores, including huge e-commerce brands. Today, as a successful entrepreneur, Desirichkid even began with consulting, helping other rising entrepreneurs develop their dropshipping businesses. His consulting has allowed his clients to earn even 5-6 figures a month.

The youngster is also into investing in real estate and for building long term wealth; he is working upon creating a large residential and commercial portfolio. For the future, Desirichkid says his next goal is to reach 7 figures profit a month in his business. Know more about how he works and connect with him on Instagram now @desirichkid.

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