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Yesmin Ben Hammouda, Founder Of YesLux Is Multi-talented; Aims To Expand Her Company With Time


Yesmin Ben Hammouda is the owner of Yeslux, an interior designing company in Abu Dhabi. It was always her dream to work for something of her own and after completing her Masters, she worked on it and made it into a reality. Today, Yeslux is one of the most prominent interior design companies there. The journey of being a dreamer to an achiever has been long but worth for Yesmin.

Talking about her background, Yesmin Ben Hammouda was born and raised in Luxembourg. She comes from  Portuguese and Tunisian background. Talking about her education, Yesmin completed her graduation and Masters in International Business Law in the Paris-Sorbonne university in Abu Dhabi. After that, she started YesLux which is growing rapidly since then.  

Yesmin Ben Hammouda hired a team of professional interior design engineers to work for YesLux. All their skills, excellent services and hardwork helped them  earn 2 key flagship residential projects in Abu Dhabi. One of the projects is in Masdar city. It’s a residential building with 300 apartments. About the same Yesmin shared, “We mixed our interior design expertise and knowledge with the sustainability construction methods that is required.”  Talking about the second key projects for YesLux, it is a costal theme project called YAS Beach Residence based on YAS beach. There are 375 apartments in around 100 meters away from the Abu-Dhabi F1 race track.

About working on them, Yesmin Ben Hammouda said, “I’ve enjoyed designing the layouts and the finishes of that particular beach front building in which I’m sure we will have design awards on the project in the near future. My aim is to provide the families and end users with the best life style that they deserve in terms of the selection of finished and best possible comfortable and generous flats layouts.”

Despite have done her education and successfully running YesLux, Yesmin Ben Hammouda didn’t stop. She recently graduated in  Master Life coaching, Master NLP practitioning and Hypnosis. About NLP, Yasmin says, “NLP is a system of alternative therapy intended to educate people in self awareness , effective communication, to model and change their patterns of mental and emotional behavior. Hypnosis is to get my client into resourceful and relaxed state.

Change only happens on the subconscious level and the conscious critical faculty gets in the way of positive change. Life coaching is about empowerment. Taking responsibility and finding out what I want and how to achieve it.”

Apart from this, Yesmin Ben Hammouda is a polyglot and can speak 8 languages. Yasmin can communicate in  French, English, German, Luxembourgish, Arabic, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian and a bit of Russian. Knowing how to speak and understand these languages help Yasmin to communicate with different people of different places and helps her to connect with other cultures.  She is also a model. About the same, Yesmin shared, “I love it because I get to work with great people and always have the opportunity to discover creative styles for  photography and TV.”

Yesmin Ben Hammouda is an athlete and passionate about fitness. She shares, “I have been practicing Muay Thai for the past 17 years. I love CrossFit and bodybuilding as well. I started practicing Muay Thai in Luxembourg with a very good teacher. He made me fall in love with it because I got to unleash my inner warrior. “

Yesmin Ben Hammouda wants to grow her company YesLux with time and expand it with coming time. She knows that positive approach and being determined is going to help her achieve that. Her mantra is, “Consistency and dedication is key for me. I’m a goal getter, ambitious, driven and not afraid to pursue what I want. I love motivating people and helping them achieve their dreams.”

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