So, recently I sat down with Vidya Balan at an unknown location that only my Instagram followers know about (because SHOW OFF) to talk about film, fantasies and more.

Being the official blog partners for Tumhari Sulu, ED was the first to interview her, we even did a Facebook live with her, starring her, Manav Kaul, and yours truly. Go watch it here.

So, anyway, we talked to both Vidya and Manav about a lot of things, played a few games, here are excerpts of our interactions with them.

ED: So, Manav, Vidya, We are going to play a little game where you have to tell me the first thing that comes to your mind when I say what I am about to say. Got it? Okay

So, Vidya first. What comes to your mind when I say, Tumhari Sulu.

Vidya: (In sexy voice): Hellooooo….

ED: Manav Kaul?

Vidya: Chichora!

ED: What about the craziest Co-star?

Vidya: Craziest Co-Star? Well, there are two, one (points to Manav) and second, Arshad Warsi.

ED: When you hear “Night Radio Show”

Vidya: Tumhari Sulu

ED: What comes to your mind when I say “body positivity”

Vidya: (laughs) hello, that’s me!

ED: Alright, when you hear the words Indian Harvey Weinstein

Vidya: Thankfully, no one comes to mind.

ED: That’s good to hear. So what’s your favorite scene from the movie?

Vidya: (realizing that I am trying to trick her into revealing the plot) You have not seen the movie; how can I tell you my favorite part. Though, I did love the radio scenes. Actually, my favorite moment is when that radio caller calls and we both keep laughing.

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ED: Bwhahaha, amazing!! So now, let’s switch things up to a game that people usually play when they are drunk because let’s face it sach tabhi bahar nikal ke aata hai. And since it’s 12 in the morning, we are going to play this game sober.

It’s called Never Have I Ever. So…

Vidya (interrupting): I am going to answer the entire section as if I am drunk (imitates a drunk person )

ED: Convenient! So, I am going to say something along the lines of Never Have I Ever done…. and you just have to answer in a yes or a no. No ifs no buts no maybes.

So, Manav Sir, never have I ever wanted to have a wife like Sulu.

Manav: Yes. Oh wait, I mean yes I want to have. (gets drunk) Ab Toh benchmark hai yar yeh

Vidya: I am loving the drunkenness

Manav: Never Have I Ever wanted to have an affair with someone from Bollywood.

(entire room goes silent)

Manav (bursts out laughing): No no no no no

Vidya: nice question huh

ED: Gotten drunk and embarrassed yourself

Manav: Lots of times

Vidya: What’s happening right now?

ED: Hit on someone and been rejected, right swiped ( I am terribly misinformed about Tinder and managed to confuse the stars as well)

Manav: Haan yaar, bahut hua hai.

Vidya: Ye Tinder ka hai na?

ED: (still not clear) Haan ma’am, left is no and right is yes

Vidya: That’s the only place where right means no.

(entire room including our HOO laugh, and she almost never does :p)

So, that is all, catch the entire interview down below which includes a lot of fun stuff other than the fun stuff above.


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