College time can be hectic, with classes and exams but it can also allow you to have a lot of free time. 

With classes getting over for most Delhi University courses by 2 pm or even earlier, considering the system of 8 periods over the day no longer exists, you have a lot of idle time. 

Classes in college work extremely differently from school, where in the latter you had 30 minutes of classes one after another, staying in the same class with the teacher changing each period, college is not like that. 

On top of that with only 2 or 3 classes being held in a day, you have ample time to just vile it away doing nothing.

While I understand the importance of winding down with friends and all, an even better option to use all that time is to start working. 

It might sound a little daunting and you might think who wants to start working in college, its a time to chill and party right?

working in college
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Although that is right, working from college itself can be more beneficial than you think and I’m speaking from personal experience. 

#1. Entry Into Professional World

Doing part-time job or an internship allows you to see and observe how the professional world works. 

I myself was such a naive child when I got my first job, I had no clue about some of the essentials like TDS, stipend, and most of all office politics. 

It allowed me to glimpse into this sector and how it worked, the people in it, its expectations of me and more. 

It also allowed me to figure out if the corporate sector was right for me or the startup, or whether I should go into freelancing. 

#2. Cleared My Confusion

As an English Hons. student, I loved books but breaking into the editing sector in India is tougher than it looks. 

And unfortunately, we don’t live in a Hollywood rom-com, so I was quite confused as to what sector I really wanted to join in. 

Doing these jobs and internships allowed me to sample various professions, what would be my day-to-day profile and if I wanted to continue it. 

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#3. Extra Cash At Hand

One of the best things about working during college was that I had my own money to spend wherever and whenever I wanted. 

In fact, for a trip to Goa with my friends, I paid the entire 8,000 bucks out of my own pocket. 

The amount of pride I felt at that time, not having to ask my parents for money and instead using my own, was unlike anything. 

Another time I found the value of this money was when I went to bookstores and no longer had to worry about how much I was spending. It was my money, I could buy 2, 5 or even 8 books if I wanted to.

This also gives you extra cash for college books, if you are going out with friends and such instance. 

To be honest, it might seem a little scary at first and the professional world expects a lot from everybody. You might even want to quit and just go back to the simple life of worrying about exams and trivial issues. 

But one thing I am certain of is that working during my college time definitely made me better prepared and aware of the job sector. It allowed me to take decisions that would benefit me and not let anyone take advantage of me, since I already knew the industry.

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